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Venturer for Raleigh International in Bushmanland, Namibia
10 February 1999
by Janina Kranus

Venturer for Raleigh International, Janina Kranus has written this piece about her first week in Bushmanland; "Bushmanland is unbelievable, like something you'd see on TV like a 'Rough Trek to Africa', still it's remote baron and yet green; the thunderstorms are spectacular, huge cracks of lightning like you've never seen.

Baraka, the place we are staying, has one huge pillion for water which takes it from a bore hole. The houses are made of thatched roofs made of grasses and western doors. The village came up and greeted us straight away, later we were playing with the kids with their sling shots then football then volleyball. They talk in really groovy clicks and when we can't do it after 100 times they get exasperated.

Our project is to build four toilets for the local school children, it has gone well so far. We get up around 6am and are meant to work from 7am - 12noon (this can be hard at one point it had reached 43 degrees by 9.30am) we then work from 3pm - 6pm, then we have chilling time. Part of our project is also to go to the schools and teach health and hygiene to the children in the hope they will understand why they should use the toilets we are building and there will be a decline in the spread of disease. The whole expedition is hard work and after four days experience pretty filthy but the people are cool, the place is cool and that makes all the difference. I expect the expedition to change me in a number of ways of which I don't know yet."

Janina Kranus