Volunteers on the move: Nisar Ul Haq
09 June 1999
by Nisar Ul Haq

I have been working with Pakistan Youth Organization ( NGO) in the capacity of Field Agronomist, actively involved in Sustainable Agricultural development and protection of Environment, community Development in jurisdiction of Union Council Mian Gujar district Peshawar since March, 1996 till to date. My major voluntarily activities includes as following:

Providing Agro Extension services to the farming community of Union Council Mian Gujar . Information about new production technology ie proper seed rate, Proper dose Fertilizer , proper time and method of irrigation, cropping intensity, crop rotation etc.

§ Arrangement of Demonstration Plot through Agricultural Extension Department of GoNWFP.

§ Liaison Between farming community and Different agricultural research Institutions of NWFP for solving farmer problem relating to crop diseases and new research findings.

§ Arrangements of Field days for local farmers

§ Established a local farmers training centre .

§ I have trained the farmers in the use of safe use of pesticides, herbicide etc, Integrated Pest Management and Integrated Weeds Management.

§ Agro Forestation.

§ Arranged free Vaccination Camp for livestock.

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