Volunteer stories
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Dr. Robert Arm's preventive dental care helps children from Moldova.
19 December 2006
Volunteers extend helping hand across globe by Kelly Bothum
Illinois, USA: The US-based daily The News Journal highlights a handful of health professionals who volunteer their time and skills to help strangers half a world away.  Read article
"I just knew that we had to do something," says Mokhtar, a high school student, "because if we didn't, nobody else would." Mokhtar is one of the volunteers who cleaned up the oil spill on Beirut's beaches caused by the recent Hezbollah-Israel conflict. (BBC News)
05 December 2006
Saving Lebanon's war-damaged beach  by Martin Patience
Beirut, Lebanon: As part of a series on young environmentalists in the BBC's Generation Next season, Martin Patience meets a 17-year-old who stepped in during the Israel-Hezbollah conflict to help save Beirut's oil-stricken beach.  Read article

From: BBC News, UK
01 December 2006
About online volunteering: Information non-profits can use by Joydeep Chaudhuri
Winnipeg, Canada: “I’m used to eating breakfast with a cup of coffee in one hand and a mouse in the other”. This statement typically describes Lavlette Plourde, Macdonald Youth Services’ (MYS) longest serving Online Volunteer who recently clocked up an amazing 1000 hours of volunteer service.   Read article
Australian volunteer Lyn Whitell with Chinese students in the Shandong Province, March 2005.
29 November 2006
Discovering China through volunteering by Julie Thompson
Gingin, Australia: "The ancient building is renovating. Excuse me for bringing trouble to you" read the apologetic sign on a building in the centre of Beijing. For Australian volunteer Faith Whitell it was just yet another example of the gentle manner of the Chinese way.  Read article
08 November 2006
A history of courage and convictions by Judy Vickers
Edinburgh, Scotland: How often do you do it? As much as you’d like to, or can you just not get round to it with everything else going on in your life? Well, as Judy Vickers found out, for hundreds of Edinburgh people volunteering is a major part of their lives, be it working in a charity shop, feeding the animals or guiding visitors around a heritage centre.  Read article

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