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16 October 2006
Empowering communities to protect children 
Through volunteers' help, a project in South Africa's coastal Western Cape Province is trying to empower communities to protect their children from violence and substance abuse.  Read article
In Mount Lebanon district near Beirut, a Lebanese Red Cross volunteer talks to a displaced woman in order to collect data. Many of the displaced are staying in schools and receiving assistance from the Red Cross. (IFRC)
13 October 2006
The horrors of war and volunteering (Day 3) by Mark Snelling
Mark Snelling visited Lebanon for the British Red Cross and wrote in his blog how volunteers cope with the horrors of the recent Hezbollah-Israel conflict.  Read article
28 September 2006
Fighting fire with fire in South Africa by Julie Thompson
Young American volunteer Chris Fong volunteered in a game conservation reserve in South Africa feeding animals and helping prevent bush fires.  Read article

From: Global Volunteer Network, New Zealand
More about: Environment
27 September 2006
Acehnese women rebuild their lives one step at a time 
A story written by Mohammad, a young Egyptian graduate student finishing a second Master's Degree at the Kennedy School of Harvard University. He volunteered his time as an intern in Aceh in summer 2006, and worked with the Program for Women Headed Households in Indonesia (PEKKA).   Read article

From: ReliefWeb
More about: Indonesia  MDG 1  MDG 3
24 August 2006
The making of a not so ordinary hero by Michael Coleman
Ha Noi, Viet Nam: In a country where more than 100 people are infected with HIV/AIDS every day and where it is still viewed as a “social evil”, it is perhaps surprising that a  soft-spoken 26-year-old mother has become one of the most active people fighting for the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS in Viet Nam.  Read article

From: UN Volunteers Viet Nam
More about: Viet Nam  MDG 6

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