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23 August 2006
Charities thrive with online volunteers by Anick Jesdanun
As access to the Internet improves worldwide, more and more people are finding themselves volunteering online. This does not mean though that online volunteers are less committed and determined to help others.   Read article
Tuareg children lined up in Aboye, Niger, for their first soccer game, given by the Nomad Foundation along with several school supplies. (Leslie Brian/NYT)
22 August 2006
Desert holidays: Helping Niger's nomads by Claire Spiegel
New York, USA: An American family travelled to Niger and lived in the desert with Tuareg nomads for two weeks. From the US, they hauled some 200 pounds of vitamins and soccer balls for children and treads and thimbles for women. They brought back reams of embroidered fabric and colourful purses, proceeds from sale of these items will help Tuaregs build wells and schools.   Read article
09 August 2006
Saving lives and restoring human dignity by Marko Kokic and Ayad Al Mounzer
Beirut, Lebanon: The ongoing Hezbollah-Israel conflict in Lebanon is a human catastrophe with hundreds of civilians reported dead, thousands injured and hundreds of thousands displaced. The Lebanese Red Cross Society, through the efforts of its volunteers, continues to help the most vulnerable. A report from ICRC's Marko Kokic and Ayad Al Mounzer of the Lebanese Red Cross.  Read article
08 August 2006
US tour group leader returns to Israel to volunteer by Andrew Kitchenman
New Jersey, USA: Jeremy Stadlin fled Safed, a town in northern Israel, with a college tour group he was leading in July after rocket attacks began from Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. But he decided to return two weeks ago to do what he can to help the community there.   Read article

From: NJ.com, USA
07 August 2006
Volunteering to learn 
Massachusetts, USA: There are many benefits to volunteering. For Aron Ain, a long-time volunteer from Massachusetts, USA, it has taught him kindness, humility and to be optimistic.  Read article

From: New York Times, USA
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