Volunteer stories
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Lauren McElroy teaches working children in El Salvador as a volunteer with the Angeles Descalzos ('fallen angels') programme. (Photo: Courtesy Global Volunteer Network)
03 August 2006
Giving children a break from El Salvador’s markets by Julie Thompson
El Salvador is not only a “country of beautiful beaches, dramatic scenery, and friendly people”, but of poverty, suffering and child labour too. This is what Lauren McElroy of USA found during her volunteer work there, helping children working in marketplaces to learn and play.  Read article
Dr Jeyathesan believes he is also helping himself whenever he helps others.
02 August 2006
Not saving lives, just making himself more useful: Volunteering in disaster areas 
Jakarta, Malaysia: Dr. Jeyathesan has been volunteering for the Malaysian Red Crescent Society since he was a kid. Now a medical doctor, he was amongst victims and survivors, volunteering to provide medical relief, when tsunamis and earthquake struck Asia recently.  As a volunteer doctor in disaster areas, he never thought that he's saving someone else's life, he's just making himself more useful.  Read article

From: The Star, Malaysia
02 August 2006
No barriers by Zabidi Ishar
Tampat, Malaysia: Roslan Ismail has made a mission of his volunteer work, spreading the word about social services available to the disabled in his region of Malaysia. Ismail’s work is all the more impressive given the fact that he is disabled himself, having lost the use of his legs to polio.  Read article

From: Bernama, Malaysia
01 August 2006
A nearly impossible mission for volunteers in Lebanon by Rania Abouzeid
Tyre, Lebanon: A volunteer in southern Lebanon tries to keep a promise to a little girl at increasing risk to his life. The 25-year old from the port city of Tyre promised Rayan Finjan that he would bring home the bodies of her father, mother and 15-year-old brother, killed when an Israeli missile hit the minivan they were travelling in.  Read article

From: Los Angeles Times, USA
Joy Little began volunteering at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne. She is now a manager of 285 community volunteers.
25 July 2006
Still finding joy in volunteering after 50 years 
Victoria, Australia: Joy Little began her formal volunteering at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne. Five decades later, she is still going strong as a manager of 285 community volunteers.  Read article

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