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03 July 2006
Family volunteers for shelter that gave it home by Sara Ganim
Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, USA: For nearly a year after Hurricane Charley destroyed their home in Orlando, Mary Romero and her family depended on the Salvation Army for most of their needs. Now, they are paying back by volunteering their time to the place they once called home.  Read article
03 July 2006
Octogenarian shares grief and joy by volunteering by Michael Abernethy
Kinston, North Carolina, USA: Volunteering at a local nursing home at the age of 86 has helped Sammy Oliver to overcome the grief and depression after the death of his wife. His determination and tenderness in turn help the patients recover with a smile.  Read article
UNDP Egypt staff member Riham Mustafa (right) teaches at Cairo's Boulac Preparatory School as a UN Volunteers Associate in the INJAZ programme. (March 2006). (Photo by Steven Bagshaw/UN Volunteers)
30 June 2006
Snapshots of volunteering in Cairo by Steven Bagshaw
Cairo, Egypt: Many of Cairo’s citizens are confronting urban-related problems, e.g., poverty, lack of housing and sanitation facilities, and internal migration through volunteering. Below are three projects showing how volunteers, through the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme, contribute and mobilize fellow Cairenes in developing their 'triumphant city'.  Read article

From: UN Volunteers, Germany
More about: Egypt  Advocacy  MDGs: General
18 June 2006
World Cup fans praise volunteers by Laura Smith-Spark
Kaiserslautern, Germany: Teams of volunteers are making World Cup 2006 fans feel comfortable -- from handing out maps to giving advice on how to find a doctor to providing entertainment between matches. Picked out from thousands of applicants, volunteers were chosen for having multiple language skills and were trained to be culturally sensitivity.  Read article

From: BBC News, UK
More about: Germany  Culture & sports
Tsunami volunteer: Civilian police worker Emma Linney has recently returned from a trip to southern Thailand where she helped in an orphanage.  (From: This is Local London)
14 June 2006
Helping Thailand’s orphaned children by Kerry McQueeney
It was the natural disaster that killed hundreds of thousands and devastated large parts of southern Asia. But the effects of the tsunami which struck on 26 December 2004 are still being felt especially by volunteers. Civilian police worker Emma Linney, for example, devoted five weeks to help orphans in southern Thailand recently. Shocked by the extent of damage and how much help is still needed, she has encouraged colleagues to donate money and vowed to continue volunteering.  Read article

From: This is Local London, London, UK

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The people you'll meet on these pages are not famous, yet they have touched millions of people's lives through their committment, compassion and courage. They've been baptized as  "trailblazers", "shakers and movers", "disaster responders", among others.  Whatever names they've been called, they have one thing in common -- they've made a difference.