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14 June 2006
Indonesia earthquake reveals the quiet heroism of survivors by Mark Snelling
Java, Indonesia: As the aid operation in Java shifts from providing immediate relief, the long, painstaking task of recovery activities such as psycho-social support steps in.  Read article

From: AlertNet
29 May 2006
Volunteering: Does it really help? by Jan Taylor
Jan Taylor fulfilled her long-time ambition to become a volunteer. She's in her mid-50s and  shocked to "see poverty" for the first time.  Read article
26 May 2006
20 Teens Who Will Change the World 
Whether they’re fighting hunger or helping rebuild underdeveloped communities, these teens are making a huge difference. Teen People and L'Oreal Paris recognized these 20 teenagers for the difference they're already making in peoples' lives.   Visit site

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23 May 2006
Overalls and muck boots might suit by Joan Raiselis
It took Joan Raiselis literally decades before she found the "perfect" volunteer work. It doesn't matter if it's only, as her son calls it, "weeding".  Read article

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18 May 2006
From housemate to humanitarian: Australian Big Brother's Tim Brunero by Belle Hann
Tim Brunero finds taking a shower a challenge. He isn't describing his time in the Australian "Big Brother" house last year, he's talking about volunteering in East Timor with Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA or the Australian People for Health, Education and Development Abroad.  Read article

From: The Centre for Volunteering , Australia
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The people you'll meet on these pages are not famous, yet they have touched millions of people's lives through their committment, compassion and courage. They've been baptized as  "trailblazers", "shakers and movers", "disaster responders", among others.  Whatever names they've been called, they have one thing in common -- they've made a difference.