Volunteer stories
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Bridget Stirling hopes to travel to Grenada as a volunteer in a six-week project for hurricane recovery and disaster preparedness. (Courtesy:Nina Dracicevic/Metro Toronto)
11 April 2006
She pays to volunteer by Nina Dragicevic
Toronto, Canada: The walls of Toronto’s Youth Challenge International office are filled with maps and flags of the countries where their volunteers will go, and where they’ve been. For Bridget Stirling, they hold the promise of a new life working overseas.  Read article

From: Metro Toronto, Canada
A volunteer with Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS), left, and a local teacher help students at a school in Ghana. (CCS/AP)
10 April 2006
Sojourn in Ghana is life-changing by Madison J. Gray
Accra, Ghana: Freelance journalist Madison Gray revisits his Ghanaian roots while working as a volunteer for Cross-Cultural Solutions. It's a month-long sojourn where he found kinship and the "ginning" of a new journey.  Read article
17 March 2006
Chinese woman fights cancer, depression by volunteering 
Taiwan, ROC: One woman in Tainan City in southern Taiwan who contracted cancer, Hsieh Wen-ling, uses optimism and volunteering to fight the disease. She said that she welcomes the challenge to face the disease head on. Hsieh's story and experiences provide a wonderful example for those who are facing similar difficulties.

  Read article

From: MyEGov, Taiwan
More about: China  Advocacy
05 March 2006
Feelgood love story 
Giving up your time to help others can improve health and fitness. But new research has also found volunteering could boost your love life. Katrina Creer spoke to couples who discovered they had much more in common than just a good cause.  Read article

From: The Sunday Telegraph, UK
More about: Australia  Advocacy
28 February 2006
Saving the world in a weekend by Vicky Baker
For everyone who has ever wanted to volunteer abroad but never quite found the time comes a new type of holiday: the charity short-break.   Read article

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