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20 November 2008
Volunteering changed my life by Mashaka Mkesso
Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania: What shocked me most were the unnecessary deaths of children and pregnant women. I was told that pregnancy means half-dead half-alive, so it is normal for pregnant women to die. I doubted that.  Read article
17 October 2008
Lessons From Paraguay 
San Pedro, Paraguay: As my Paraguayan host mother passed me a guampa of hot mate early one morning, three weeks into my five-week project, I thought, "The materials will never arrive."  Visit site

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16 October 2008
Santiago's children 
Santiago, Chile: "I have hugged children that told me that they felt alone in the world. I have cried after visiting a girl who was in the hospital because she decided this life was too much for her."

A blog written by a volunteer currently in Santiago, and another who preceded him 25 years earlier.

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09 October 2008
A life changing volunteering adventure 
Tiffany McCabe spent three weeks in Kenya as part of a volunteer trip with the not-for-profit organization Free the Children. The experience had such an impact on Tiffany and her group that they are continuing their involvement through a campaign called “Well Worth It”, dedicated to raising awareness and funds to have well systems implemented in developing nations, through the assistance of Free the Children.  Visit site

From: Orangeville Citizen, Canada
05 October 2008
The power of volunteerism 
Mr. de Silva is one of those individuals proving that not only can one directly improve one’s own community, but also inspire others to do the same. He recently became one of two Sri Lankans recognised in the Globus Indus Technovator Award, an honour awarded annually by the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he joins fellow Sri Lankan Prasanga Lokuge as GITA’s 2007 recipients in the Grass Roots / Developmental category.  Visit site

From: The Sunday Times, Sri Lanka

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