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The Rev. Ronald E. Hardy Sr. with Rose Parsee, far right, and members of her family at the house lent by his congregation. Hundreds of homeless people took refuge in private homes after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. (From Jim Wilson/The New York Times)
15 November 2005
After the storm, one town finds 1,000 ways to give by Peter Kilborn
Louisiana, USA: Help sprang up everywhere in the small town of Louisiana, USA after thousands of people were left homeless by Hurricane Katrina last 29 August. Residents, all 1,700 of them, opened their doors to hundreds of homeless people, raised funds to feed them and even washed their clothes.  Read article

From: New York Times, USA
A tsunami survivor in Meulaboh is determined to rebuild her community. (Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps)
11 November 2005
Aceh: Empowering tsunami victims to rebuild their lives by Deborah Tomasowa
Aceh, Indonesia: Deborah Tomasowa of Mercy Corps was in Banda Aceh with other volunteers, days after last December's tsunami struck, helping deliver aid and return a sense of normalcy to those affected. Nine months later, they now focus on long-term recovery and sustainable development.  Read article

11 November 2005
Meet Flora, the face of the future in Sudan by Rosemarie North
Khartoum, Sudan: Flora Hussien has been working for nine years as a Red Crescent volunteer, doing health education in south Sudan.  She is one of the 5,000 unpaid volunteers who are internally displaced and working within their own communities of displaced people in Sudan.  Read article

From: ReliefWeb
More about: Sudan  Health  MDG 4  MDG 5
Daizen Oda, coordinador del Voluntariado de la ONU en Ecuador, lee un cuento a indígenas de Imbabura en agosto pasado. (De: Compañía Anónima El Universo)
27 October 2005
'Ser voluntario es alejarse del lujo' by Daizen Oda
San Pablo es una comunidad de secoyas y cofanes que está a tres horas de Sucumbíos en esos barquitos pequeños a través del río. Ahí llegué en junio del 2000 como uno de los 130 voluntarios de las Naciones Unidas en el Ecuador.  Read article

From: El Universo, Ecuador
More about: Ecuador  Poverty
21 October 2005
Why I love being a volunteer  by Laura Gibb
The overriding feeling I get from volunteering is that it's just great fun. I never feel like I'm working because I'm doing something I really enjoy. Helping others makes you feel good, and I know that I end up benefiting from volunteering just as much as the people I'm supposed to be helping.   Read article

From: The Guardian, UK
More about: Advocacy

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The people you'll meet on these pages are not famous, yet they have touched millions of people's lives through their committment, compassion and courage. They've been baptized as  "trailblazers", "shakers and movers", "disaster responders", among others.  Whatever names they've been called, they have one thing in common -- they've made a difference.