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05 June 2008
Virtual volunteers, real results 
A new army of "virtual volunteers" is helping charities reach out to young people to offer advice or persuade others to give their time in a more practical way, writes Sara Gaines. Volunteers give their services online in what one charity says is an exciting way forward for organisations that can struggle to find enough people with time to commit.  Visit site
Students and volunteer coaches at 'Tanifa le Vai' swim club in Samoa. (Willy Morrell/UNV)
02 May 2008
Volunteers can volunteer too: Learning to swim in Samoa by Willy Morrell
Samoa-based international UNV volunteer Willy Morrell has been taking a little time out of his regular UNV activities to help coach learn-to-swim classes at Samoa's new aquatic centre.

WHO research indicates that many drowning deaths in the region could be prevented by promoting water-safety and resuscitation skills. "So for me," Willy concludes, "this is about as simple as it gets in terms of implementing Millennium Development Goal 4 and reducing child mortality."

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08 April 2008
A study in contrasts: Volunteering in Ghana refugee camp  by Heather Ibbotson
Months spent as volunteers in a refugee camp for Liberians provided a quick immersion into the eye-opening contradictions of modern Africa for two young Canadian women.  Read article

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03 March 2008
Art, volunteerism and the MDGs by Christian LozaƱes
Pasa Arte or Pass on Art is a volunteer project led by local artists in Iloilo, located in the southern part of the Philippines. Artists teach local school kids the basics of art and well-meaning individuals donate materials.   Read article
03 January 2008
Medical volunteers help Sri Lanka restore health care by Faiza Elmasry
On December 26, 2004, a tsunami devastated Sri Lanka, claiming nearly 40,000 lives and displacing one million people. In the southern province of the country, the costal children hospital was destroyed and many nurses died in the tragedy. Three years later, much rebuilding remains to be done. As Faiza Elmasry tells us, efforts are underway not just to rebuild this hospital, but also to bring in modern technology, train medical staff and renovate Sri Lanka's health care system.  Read article

From: Voice of America
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