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09 August 2007
Volunteer Diary: Being a team leader 
Beijing, China: I was chosen to be one of the team leaders for the volunteers in cycling events for "Good Luck Beijing". The organizers gave us a series of training courses on how to lead a team and how to be a good leader in order to complete the work well. The training courses were really hard. We had to get up at six in the morning and begin our training class. After all, there is so much we need to learn that we should get familiar with the job as soon as possible.  Read article

From: China Daily, China
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A gay man receives a health and AIDS checkup at a clinic in Beijing in this April 15, 2007 photo. The free health checkup was organized by Xiao Dong's organization - Chaoyang Chinese AIDS Volunteer Group. (newsphoto)
06 July 2007
Labor of love for AIDS activist by Erin Zureick
Xiao Dong, 31, who heads up the Chaoyang Chinese AIDS Volunteer Group, has been working for more than two years to improve AIDS education in China's capital. The organization's work is targeted at groups that are deemed a high risk to contract the deadly virus, such as intravenous drug users, sex workers and the city's gay population.  Read article

From: China Daily, China
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13 June 2007
'I felt I had something to offer again' 
Franco Di Giovanni is HIV positive. He was out of work and out of touch with the world - but then volunteering helped rejuvenate his life.   Read article

From: The Guardian, UK
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18 May 2007
Volunteering against HIV/Aids by Charles Mpaka
James Kalako is chairperson of a youth club on HIV/Aids in Mulanje, Malawi. He is a volunteer trainer in carpentry. The fact that he does not get any payment for what he does is not a problem for him: "My problem is to help fellow young people live a positive life and look into the future with hope.”  Read article
08 May 2007
No prejudices, one mission: Young volunteers in Lebanon 
Beirut, Lebanon: Seventeen-year-old Shawky Amineddine first balked at the idea of volunteering. "I thought it was a waste of time, " he said. But after more than 280 hours of volunteering, he realized it opened a new world for him. Together with some friends, he formed "Volunteering with No Constraints" -- where young Lebanese under age 20, could volunteer regardless of their religious and political affiliations.   Read article

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