Volunteer stories
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10 April 2007
Volunteer fights trafficking in women by Fadi Eyadat
Haifa, Israel: 21-year-old Naama Yehezkel is an activist for Isha L'Isha - the Haifa Feminist Center, which aids local and foreign women working in the sex industry. Yehezkel is performing her national service as a volunteer for the organization, after refusing to enlist in the Israel Defense Forces.  Read article

From: Haaretz.com, Israel
More about: Israel  Gender  Sexuality
03 April 2007
Bittersweet goodbyes for volunteers in Tanzania by Danica Vucic
Arusha, Tanzania: Tear stained cheeks. Melancholy hugs. Joyous but sad songs. All of these are things volunteers experience when they leave Loving Hand for the Disadvantaged and Aged (LOHADA).  Read article
27 March 2007
Volunteers are villagers last hope in rural Nepal 
Accham, Nepal: In the remote areas of Nepal, villagers have no choice but to walk for days to reach the nearest medical facility.  In these rural areas, communities rely heavily on medical volunteers, such as Dhana Thakula, to receive basic treatment and medicine.  Read article

From: IRIN News
More about: Nepal  Health
Since moving to Abu Dhabi about 18 months ago, Jayne felt the need to volunteer and finds the job very rewarding.
13 March 2007
Volunteering from the heart by Abbas Al Lawati
Abu Dhabi, UAE: Jayne Winstanely volunteers at a centre for mentally and physically handicapped people. Having lived in eight countries and 34 houses, Jayne has volunteered in most places she has lived "to try to better the situation wherever we went".   Read article
Ms. Laalaa and Mr. Damouny, both 20, are Muslims taking part in an outreach program called On the Same Wave. Ms. Laalaa’s outfit is meant to comply with Islamic modesty. (New York Times)
13 March 2007
On the same wave by Raymond Bonner
Cronulla, Australia: The most quintessential Australian pastime -- swimming at the beach -- has prevented many Muslim men and women to get totally integrated into Australian culture because of their traditional clothing. Through a new volunteer programme, and a novel swimming outfit, Australian Muslims are encouraged to "get out there and be part of Australia" by becoming volunteer lifeguards.   Read article

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