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Fatima Gailani believes girls and women should be given the same opportunities as boys and men to become educated and develop their vocational and professional skills.(IFRC)
08 March 2007
'Women & children are the first targets of war' by Ali Hakimi
The president of the Afghan Red Crescent Society is not only a dedicated humanitarian and a volunteer, she also happens to be an outspoken champion of women’s rights and democracy. To mark International Women’s Day, 8 March, Fatima Gailani talks to the International Federation’s Ali Hakimi about her influential role and why she refuses to let ongoing violence in Afghanistan prevent the Red Crescent from doing its important work.  Read article
08 March 2007
Volunteer lawyer took fight overseas by Lisa Abel
Ottawa, Canada: Ottawa-based lawyer Jacqueline Huston left her full-time private practice in 2003 to volunteer for a year in the South Pacific country of Kiribati.   Read article

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Young Red Cross volunteers displaying information material on safe sex in Temirtau, Kazakhstan. (IFRC, Mar 2007)
01 March 2007
Sex and drugs: Preventing HIV/AIDS in Kazakhstan by Claire Doole
Temirtau, Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan has the fastest growing HIV rate in Central Asia, fuelled by drug trafficking from Afghanistan into Russia. Since 2004, the Red Crescent has mobilized thousands of volunteers, like former drug user Sasha, to spread the HIV prevention message to drug users, sex workers and the communities most at risk.  Read article
Vimlendu Jha tells students from New Delhi Sanskriti School how the Yamuna River gets polluted. (Span Magazine, US Embassy India)
22 February 2007
Young volunteers as vehicles of change by Deepanjali Kakati
New Delhi, India: Through the Swechha-We for Change Foundation organization thousands of young Indian volunteers got involved environmental conservation work. Another NGO, SMILE, engage youth in influencing public opinion on issues such as sexual harrassment in public transport. Through these various forms of volunteering, the organizers witnessed how young volunteers were transformed -- from being the targets of change to become vehicles of change.  Read article
19 January 2007
Teaching 'Generation X' a lesson 
A leading charity is launching a campaign to persuade more mid-career professionals to volunteer overseas. One teacher in her 20s tells BBC News website why she left Yorkshire to spend two years working in Pakistan and why she hopes others will follow her example.   Read article

From: BBC News, UK

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