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How-to Guides: How do I manage volunteers?
This section provides the tools and resources required for effective management of volunteers. The articles under "Essential reading" below will guide you through the various aspects of volunteer administration. There are also current articles and resources on the subject.
Essential reading
The following articles, written by volunteer management expert Mary V. Merrill (1945-2006) exclusively for this site, will guide you through the various aspects of volunteer management issues from volunteer managers' perspective: developing job descriptions, recruiting volunteers, their orientation, placement and evaluation, and supervising, recognizing and motivating them.

This section is brought to you in partnership with Merrill Associates.

01 April 2008
Engaging at-risk youth 
Youth Service America has created a new publication entitled Effective Practices for Engaging At-Risk Youth in Service. The guide is designed to provide an overview of the underlying theory and effective practices for engaging at-risk youth in service by examining the roles young people played – and can play – in serving their communities. (Links direct to PDF file)  Visit site
From: Youth Service America, USA
20 June 2007
Involving volunteers from diverse backgrounds 
Published by Volunteering Australia, this guide is for volunteer managers to help build knowledge about involving people from diverse backgrounds in volunteering program, and help improve volunteering policies and practices.  Visit site