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How do I manage volunteers: Additional reading
05 March 2007
Brand your volunteer programme by Susan Ellis
How do you brand your volunteering programme and why is it important to do so? Susan Ellis, volunteer management expert, of Energize, Inc. give some basic branding principles and tips on how to use them.  Read article
From: Energize Inc.
More about: Advocacy
05 February 2007
Are you a volunteer leader or manager? 
Should there be a significant difference in leadership ability between the head of the organization and the head of the volunteer program?  Everyone, including volunteer managers, has the capacity of becoming a leader. In this article, authors Bailey and Petro provide some self-assessment considerations and tools. (Subscription required)  Read article
More about: Management
22 January 2007
Professionalisation "good for volunteering sector" by Cat Dean
The introduction of a corporate style of management and training is good for the volunteering sector, according to a survey published today by Volunteering England, the national development agency for volunteers.  Read article
From: Volunteering England
More about: Management
30 November 2006
Online tools for online volunteers by Randy Tyler
In working with online volunteers, there are certain types of tasks where real time voice communication can be an efficient way to solve a problem quickly. The author suggests you reach for Skype.  Read article
20 November 2006
Shared wisdom: Technology and volunteer efforts by Brian Satterfield
Several non-profit organizations share online-recruitment experiences and discuss tools they use to keep volunteers informed and engaged.  Read article
More about: ICT  Management
25 September 2006
Keeping your volunteers safe during disaster response by Celeste Sauls-Marks
This article outlines a few of the issues that disaster response volunteer managers should consider to protect the volunteers they manage.  Read article
31 August 2006
100 ways to thank, support your volunteers 
Here are 100 different ways you can recognize your volunteers' work, support them and thank them for their contribution.  Read article
From: Volunteering Ireland
More about: Management
29 August 2006
Online Volunteer Management Certificate Program 
Washington State University (USA) offers the Volunteer Management Certificate Program (VMCP), a four-course online syllabus that covers the dynamics of creating a successful volunteer management programme.  Read article
More about: Management
27 July 2006
Join online discussions on mentoring volunteer managers 
The Australasian Association of Volunteer Administrators (AAVA) is organising an online discussion on 27 and 28 July to discuss issues of mentoring with a focus on mentoring volunteer managers in the sector.  Read article
25 July 2006
Still finding joy in volunteering after 50 years 
Joy Little began volunteering at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne. She is now a manager of 285 community volunteers.
Victoria, Australia: Joy Little began her formal volunteering at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne. Five decades later, she is still going strong as a manager of 285 community volunteers.  Read article

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