How-to Guides: How do I support volunteerism?
Supporting volunteers is an essential part in volunteering efficacy. Working to secure and support volunteers, promoting and enabling volunteering and community involvement is a powerful force for change, both for those that volunteer and those who want to volunteer.

Besides participating in the act of volunteering, there are several ways in which you can support the cause of volunteerism in your local communities or outside. Finding creative ways to promote volunteerism is easy. Below are just a few examples of practical ways you can support the cause of volunteerism:

  • Use the World Volunteer Web: Take advantage of the resources available on the website to educate and inform your peers, and raise awareness about volunteerism. Email articles to your friends and colleagues.
  • Write to local lawmakers: For legislation that supports volunteers and volunteering programmes.
  • Publish articles: Research and reflect about volunteerism and share your opinion in the local media (i.e. high school newspaper, local magazine) or on the local community websites.
  • Create a school group to promote volunteerism: Start by recruiting friends with a common interest, find a staff sponsor, and form a school club.
  • Help raise awareness: Talk about volunteerism and distribute information to your friends, family members and other interested people in your community.
  • Start a mailing campaign: Forward our Global Volunteer Update newsletters to your friends, or create your own flyers about the benefits of volunteering to distribute around schools, in community centres and anywhere else.
  • Organize an open volunteer forum: Invite young people and youth organizations in your community to an event and discuss the benefits of volunteering and how to encourage volunteerism.
  • Participate in our discussion forum: Engage with other people in your community to share ideas and experiences from volunteering.
  • Network with other volunteer organizations:  Join such organizations in your community and work on a volunteer project/event together for International Volunteer Day.

  • Create an artistic exhibition: Share it in the local media or online here on this website (i.e. displaying some photos of different forms of volunteerism in your community).

  • Create a statement supporting volunteerism in achieving the MDGs: Encourage your local community, organization, school, or businesses to issue a statement of declaration showing their support for volunteerism in achieving the MDGs.

  • Join a council or parliament: Seek out various local groups in your community or country that are active in the political circle and advocate for volunteerism in city council and national parliament.

  • Contribute financially to volunteer organizations: Or help out with fund-raising activities with a volunteer organization.

  • Train other volunteers: By equipping them with skills, knowledge, and resources.
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