How do I volunteer: Additional resources
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21 February 2007
Adventure volunteerism 
Airdrop Assist, a newly-formed nonprofit school, aims at meeting the gap between volunteers and the rigors of remote-area volunteerism, among other things. The potential volunteer is someone who savors the outdoors, accessible only by airdrop in some places, and who is willing to endure hardship while providing humanitarian aid to those in need.   Visit site
15 February 2007
Alternative travel guide 
Alternative travel can be one of the most educational, inspiring, and exciting things you do in your lifetime. OneWorld U.S. has compiled a list of volunteer and travel opportunities offered by their nonprofit partners to make it easier for potential volunteers to find something that matches their interests.  Visit site
05 February 2007
Voluntourism: Pros, cons & possibilities by Susan Ellis
An American student (in black t-shirt) making roofing tiles in Los Algodones, Mexico. (
Volunteering expert Susan Ellis discusses voluntourism or combining holidays with volunteer work. A trend that has come of age since its inception 30 years ago. The author points out that the biggest gripe about volunteer vacations is that they simply expand the trend of episodic volunteering, in which feel-good bursts of service give the volunteer pleasure but do not result in much useful help for the recipients or the complex cause.   Read article
From: Energize Inc.
22 December 2006
The do's and don'ts of IT volunteering by Cara Garretson
With the holiday season upon us and New Year's resolutions just around the corner, the idea of giving back has probably crossed many minds. Here are some suggestions how  IT professionals can help non-profit organizations.   Read article
29 September 2006
The Internet antidote to the 'I'm too busy to volunteer' syndrome 
Charity Guide launched "Volunteering On-Demand" to attract busy would-be volunteers.  Read article
25 July 2006
Is it volunteering? 
So, if you want to volunteer, how can you find yourself the right volunteer role? And how can you tell legitimate volunteer roles and the more doubtful ones apart?   Read article
03 July 2006
When you 'don't have the time' by Susan J. Ellis
Time deprivation - or, at least, the perception of having less and less time to do the things we want to do - is a growing malady around the world, affecting the work world, family life and, of course, volunteering. What can we do about it? Susan J. Ellis offers some ideas to help both volunteers and volunteer -programme leaders. Take the time to share your ideas, too!  Read article
From: Energize Inc.
02 June 2006
A disaster guide for the generous public 
UK's Department for International Development (DfID) launched a new booklet, "Disaster and Emergencies Overseas: How you can help", which explains that by donating money, organizing a fundraising activity or volunteering to work for a charity can all help save lives.   Read article
30 May 2006
Guide to break volunteering barriers 
Two leading disability organizations in the UK today launched a major new guide ahead of national Volunteers Week aimed at ensuring young disabled people have access to volunteering opportunities.  Read article
12 May 2006
10 tips on volunteering wisely 
Get started as a volunteer today! Here is a collection of tips from Network for Good on how to volunteer using your knowledge, skills and limited time.   Read article
From: Network for Good, USA

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