How do I volunteer: Additional resources
01 October 2008
Trying to decide which volunteer program is the most suitable for you can be very difficult. provides program user reviews to help you make your decision easier. See what your peers have to say about companies before you sign up with them.  Visit site
24 September 2008
WoMEDIA has created a range of media resources specifically for the wider community and volunteer groups to help you effectively engage with your local media. Submitting news or information to your local media has numerous benefits with the general public sometimes best placed to provide relevant and compelling news.  Visit site
24 June 2008
Make your company pay for volunteering by Tory Johnson
Increasingly, companies are recognizing the perks of corporate volunteering. Bosses know that it is a strategic decision and bring in bottom-line benefits into the company. Tory Johnson, workplace contributor for the television programme "Good Morning America", gives pointers on how you can convince your employers to support corporate volunteering initiatives.  Read article
15 April 2008
Tips on volunteering overseas by Emily Green
If you've thought of spending some time doing volunteer work or teaching overseas, your twenties may be the time to pursue it. For many, the age offers a unique period of financial and personal independence.  Read article
17 September 2007
'Giving' by Bill Clinton 
The former US president says each of us can change the world by donating time and money. In this video, Bill Clinton talks about how to make a difference and the explosion of volunteerism in the US.  Visit site
11 September 2007
Volunteering in Bolivia: From the rooftop of the world to the jungles of Amazonia by Geoffrey Groesbeck
Volunteerism is a long-standing tradition in Bolivia, with more than 300 organizations working with volunteers.  Author Geoffrey Groesbeck briefly outlines volunteers' contribution to Bolivia's development and provides some links on finding volunteering opportunities within the country.  Read article
20 August 2007
Volunteer: A Traveller's Guide 
Lonely Planet "Volunteer: A Travellers' Guide" cover
Travel information company Lonely Planet recently launched a volunteering handbook,"Volunteer: A Travellers Guide to Making a Difference Around the World".   Read article
16 April 2007
So, you want to volunteer 
Consider these tips wisely before volunteering, from the USA Freedom Corps.   Read article
12 March 2007
Have you taken a volunteer vacation? by Stacy A. Teicher
It's not just college students, and not just for one week in March: Whole families, retired couples, and single thirty-somethings are using their vacation time to volunteer. The Christian Science Monitor has compiled web resources and stories to help you make your vacation more meaningful.  Read article
02 March 2007
'How-to Guide' for Volunteer Conference Coordinators 
This ‘How-To Guide’ was prepared by a National United Nations Volunteers (NUNV) volunteer who was appointed as Coordinator of Conference Volunteers for the 29th IAVE World Volunteer Conference held in New Delhi from 9 to 14 November 2006.  Its intention is to provide guidance for future volunteer coordinators bearing in mind that suggestions made are case specific and may need to be modified in light of the requirements of a particular assignment/conference.    Visit site

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