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Many countries are seeking to foster voluntary action through development of policies and enactment of legislation. These serve to define volunteerism, to clarify the roles and relationships among stakeholders and to identify necessary legal, social, administrative and financial support. These are usually a result of nationwide consultations and information exchange on volunteering issues between legislators and other stakeholders.
Volunteerism in an aging society 
This brief provides a conceptual framework to link Volunteerism for Development with a series of aging-related issues. Volunteerism can foster elders' empowerment, aiding intergenerational solidarity. The document also looks back over the Sri Lanka Elders' Committees and the work of the HelpAge voluntary home care programme, with recommendations for future policy.  Read article

In recent years, the international community has started to place greater emphasis on the links between voluntary actions and solutions to global concerns. Through various intergovernmental institutions, global summits, and international partnerships, a range of legislation, resolutions and support for volunteering have emerged.
Consultative Stakeholders' Meeting on the International Year of Volunteers + 10 (IYV+10) 
The Consultative Meeting on the International Year of Volunteers + 10 (IYV+10), hosted by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Bonn was an opportunity for diverse organizations to discuss ways to mark this anniversary.   Read article


In the period leading up to the International Year of Volunteers 2001, a number of UN General Assembly (GA) resolutions on volunteering were adopted and references to volunteering appeared in the outcome documents of several thematic UN and other international conferences. There have been further GA resolutions related to the volunteerism activities as a follow-up to IYV 2001.
Report of the Secretary-General: Integrating volunteering in the next decade 
In its resolutions 66/67 and 67/138, the General Assembly (GA) requested the Secretary-General to report at GA seventieth session on progress made with regards to the recognition and promotion, facilitation, networking and integration of volunteerism since 2012, and on a Plan of Action, developed by UNV, to integrate volunteerism in the next decade and beyond.  Read article

Key policy documents
Follow-up to the implementation of the International Year of Volunteers (2005) 
This UN General Assembly resolution (A/RES/60/134), co-sponsored by 84 Member States and adopted on 16 December 2005, invites all stakeholders, especially from the private sector community and from private foundations, to support volunteerism as a strategic tool to enhance economic and social development, including by expanding corporate volunteering.   Read article
Follow-up to the International Year of Volunteers 
This UN General Assembly resolution (A/RES/57/106), co-sponsored by 142 Member States and adopted on 26 November 2002, calls upon stakeholders to support volunteerism as a strategic tool to enhance economic and social development and requests the Secretary-General to report to the General Assembly at its 60th session on the implementation of the current resolution.   Read article
IYV+10 - the General Assembly Resolution 
On 5 December 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution A/RES/66/67 on marking the tenth anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers.  Read article
Millennium Development Project Report 2005 
The final report of the UN Millennium Project published 17 January 2005 recommends the way forward, outlining a way to attain the Millennium Development Goals. Includes the overview (in six languages) and the full report.  Visit site
UN Secretary-General’s report on IYV follow-up implementation (A/60/128) 
This is the UN Secretary-General’s report to the 60th session of the General Assembly on the follow-up of the implementation of the International Year of Volunteers (IYV) 2001. The report A/60/128 highlights the major areas where the environment for expanding and diversifying levels of volunteerism can be strengthened. It concludes that while the momentum built up over IYV continues to provide the stimulation behind a vibrant volunteer movement, there are wide variations in trends between countries and regions.   Read article