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In recent years, the international community has started to place greater emphasis on the links between voluntary actions and solutions to global concerns. Through various intergovernmental institutions, global summits, and international partnerships, a range of legislation, resolutions and support for volunteering have emerged. This section highlights the international support for volunteerism.

02 February 2010
Consultative Stakeholders' Meeting on the International Year of Volunteers + 10 (IYV+10) 
The Consultative Meeting on the International Year of Volunteers + 10 (IYV+10), hosted by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Bonn was an opportunity for diverse organizations to discuss ways to mark this anniversary.   Read article
02 February 2007
EU implements Youth in Action Programme 
Youth in Action is the new EU Programme in the field of youth, which will be implemented from 1 January 2007 until 31 December 2013. The Programme is a key instrument in providing young people with opportunities for non-formal and informal learning with a European dimension, including volunteering abroad.  Read article
28 March 2006
European Volunteer Centre launches 'Manifesto for Volunteering in Europe' 
The European Volunteer Centre (CEV) launches today its new "Manifesto on Volunteering in Europe" at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belguim. The new Manifesto explains why volunteering matters and how volunteering contributes to European Union's development.  Read article
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11 April 2003
108th Inter-Parliamentary Conference, April 2003 
Delegates at the 108th Inter-Parliamentary Conference, held 6-11 April 2003 in Santiago, Chile, unanimously adopted this resolution which states that "volunteerism builds strong cohesive communities, encourages participation in the democratic process and reduces social tensions by forging a common view...” and expresses "...support for volunteerism and encouraging closer cooperation between the IPU and the United Nations Volunteers in this regard”.  Read article
26 November 2002
Outcome of IYV 2001 in European Union 
Statement by Ole E. Moesby, Minister and Deputy Permanent Representative of Denmark to UN, on behalf of the European Union, at the 57th Session of the UN General Assembly, on 26 November 2002.  Read article
04 September 2002
World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) 2002 
For the first time, volunteerism is mentioned explicitly in Earth Summit (26 August- 4 September 2002) documentation. The WSSD Plan of Implementation specifically notes, in paragraph 150, the importance of major groups in achieving sustainable development.  Read article
12 April 2002
World Assembly on Ageing, Madrid, April 2002 
The report of the Second World Assembly on Ageing, held in Madrid 8-12 April 2002, recognizes that a society for all ages encompasses the goal of providing older persons with the opportunity to continue contributing to society. To work towards this goal, it is necessary to remove whatever excludes or discriminates against them.  Read article
07 April 2001
Support to the United Nations International Year for Volunteers 2001 
This resolution, unanimously adopted by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Council at its 168th session in April 2001, encourages parliamentarians to consult with stakeholders to identify policies and establish a legal framework supportive of voluntary action.  Read article
30 November 1999
On Volunteering and Social Development, Expert Working Group Meeting 
This documents contains recommendations in six broad areas on ways Governments can increase support for volunteerism.   Read article
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