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Policy documents: National
Many countries are seeking to foster voluntary action through development of policies and enactment of legislation. These serve to define volunteerism, to clarify the roles and relationships among stakeholders and to identify necessary legal, social, administrative and financial support. These are usually a result of nationwide consultations and information exchange on volunteering issues between legislators and other stakeholders. Here are listed policies and legislations enacted in different countries.

Summary of new Albanian laws on non-profit organizations 
This country report contains a summary of the most important issues affecting NGOS, which are regulated by the recently passed laws concerning the not-for-profit sector in Albania.   Read article

New Law on Associations for Croatia 
On 27 September 2001, the Croatian Parliament enacted the new Law on Associations, to replace a regressive law enacted in 1997. Along with local NGOs and Council of Europe experts, ICNL provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Justice in preparing the Law.   Read article

Charter for interaction between Volunteer Denmark/Associations Denmark and the public sector 
In order to strengthen and develop the interaction between Volunteer Denmark/Associations Denmark and the public sector, representatives of each have agreed to prepare a charter setting forth the framework and fundamental values for such interaction.  Read article

Bénévolat dans les associations : un rapport du Sénat en France 
La commission des affaires culturelles du Sénat a approuvé le rapport d'information de M. Bernard Murat portant sur le bénévolat dans les associations. Pour le rapporteur, le bénévolat constitue l'essence même de la vie associative : environ 12 millions de bénévoles consacrent une part plus ou moins importante de leur temps à la réalisation de projets associatifs dans de multiples domaines de la vie sociale.  Read article
The State Association Charter on New Relations Between the French State and NGOs  
On 1 July 2001, the French government entered into a general agreement with the French NGO sector. The event took place on the anniversary date of the French association law of 1 July 1901. The agreement, referred to as the “State-Association Charter” was signed by the Prime Minister on the one hand and the President of the Conférence Permanente des Coordinations associatives on the other.  Read article

Law on Public Interest Volunteer Activities 
The Hungarian parliament passed the " Public Interest Volunteer Activities" in 2005 that establishes the basic rules of public interest volunteerism and encourages citizens and their organizations to volunteer.  Read article

Tipping the Balance: Report and Recommendations to Government on Supporting and Developing Volunteering in Ireland 
A report of the National Committee on Volunteering that presents findings and recommendations on issues including the volunteer and the organisation; young people and volunteering; recognition and accreditation.  Read article

Legislation enacted for non-profit organizations in Japan 
In January 1999, the Law to Promote Specified Non-profit Activities was promulgated in Japan giving non-profit organizations (NPOs) their first legal recognition. The legislation is in part a result of volunteer activities following the Kobe Earthquake which took more than six thousand lives.   Read article
Law to Promote Specified Non-profit Activities 
The purpose of this law, promulgated on 25 March 1998, is to promote the sound development of specified non-profit activities in the form of volunteer and other activities freely performed by citizens to benefit society, through such measures as the provision of corporate status to organizations that undertake specified non-profit activities, and thereby to contribute to advancement of the public welfare.   Read article

New Zealand
New Zealand’s policy on volunteering 
Given that volunteers make a vital contribution to social development, the economy and the environment, the New Zealand government endorsed the following policy on volunteering in December 2002.   Read article

Legal status of volunteers in Poland 
This is one of a series of country reports produced by the Association of Voluntary Service Organisations (AVSO) and the European Volunteer Centre (CEV). They aim to provide comprehensive and practical information on volunteers and the law in a number of current and future European Union Member States.  Read article

Sri Lanka
Volunteerism in an aging society 
This brief provides a conceptual framework to link Volunteerism for Development with a series of aging-related issues. Volunteerism can foster elders' empowerment, aiding intergenerational solidarity. The document also looks back over the Sri Lanka Elders' Committees and the work of the HelpAge voluntary home care programme, with recommendations for future policy.  Read article

United Kingdom
Parliament: Voluntary Organisations Act: Labour MP calls for better regulation  
The revised legal framework for the Voluntary Organisations Act and the amendments to the Civil Code were discussed during Tuesday’s parliamentary session. The Voluntary Organisations Act describes an organisation as being a group of people who share a common goal and vision. Such groups may come together for philanthropic, social or private purposes.  Read article
Generation V: Young people speak out on volunteering 
The report of research for the Russell Commission on the attitudes of young people in England towards volunteering and the extent of their involvement in voluntary activities.
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United States
International Volunteering: Smart Power 
This is a policy brief, published June 2006, from the Global Economy and Development Center of the Brookings Institution, focusing on the role American volunteers can play in promoting cross-cultural dialogue and bringing benefits in terms of national security and economic wellbeing.   Read article