Many countries are seeking to foster voluntary action through development of policies and enactment of legislation. These serve to define volunteerism, to clarify the roles and relationships among stakeholders and to identify necessary legal, social, administrative and financial support. These are usually a result of nationwide consultations and information exchange on volunteering issues between legislators and other stakeholders.
Volunteerism in an aging society 
This brief provides a conceptual framework to link Volunteerism for Development with a series of aging-related issues. Volunteerism can foster elders' empowerment, aiding intergenerational solidarity. The document also looks back over the Sri Lanka Elders' Committees and the work of the HelpAge voluntary home care programme, with recommendations for future policy.  Read article

In recent years, the international community has started to place greater emphasis on the links between voluntary actions and solutions to global concerns. Through various intergovernmental institutions, global summits, and international partnerships, a range of legislation, resolutions and support for volunteering have emerged.
Consultative Stakeholders' Meeting on the International Year of Volunteers + 10 (IYV+10) 
The Consultative Meeting on the International Year of Volunteers + 10 (IYV+10), hosted by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme in Bonn was an opportunity for diverse organizations to discuss ways to mark this anniversary.   Read article

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