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29 January 2007
AIDS guide for young people launched 
A guide on "Young People and AIDS" is designed for primary and secondary school teachers and volunteer youth leaders to provide them with up-to-date and accurate information on HIV/AIDS and help them design related activities for young people. This book is available free or chare and was produced by INFOYOUTH Network, a partnership between UNESCO and the French Ministry for Youth, Sports and Voluntary Organization.  Read article

11 December 2006
Standards for employee volunteer programmes developed 
Today more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies have employee volunteer programs to leverage the power of service and volunteering in the corporate sector. The Corporate Community Involvement Summit, a coalition of nonprofit organizations, has developed a set of standards that will help to track trends, benchmark programs and encourage better practices in employee volunteer programs.   Read article

27 June 2006
New publication addresses issues cultural diversity in volunteering  
The publication, "Diversify! Encouraging Cultural Diversity in Volunteering in Ireland", is aimed at organizations who wish to respond to the increasing numbers of people from different cultural backgrounds and countries who are seeking to volunteer in Ireland.

Published by the Volunteering Ireland VOLT Network, it outlines the benefits and barriers to cultural diversity in volunteering and gives practical advice for increasing the diversity of volunteers. The publication also provides profiles of countries where potential volunteers originate and outlines related issues for organizations.

  Read article

23 May 2006
VISTA marks 40 years of fighting poverty in America 
The Volunteers in Service to America (VISTA) program today released a new book of volunteer stories as part of a two-day series of events to mark more than 40 years of fighting poverty in America.  Read article
03 April 2006
Volunteer Health Workers in Iran as Social Activists 
Published by the Women Living Under Muslim Laws in December 1998, this paper tackles not only health issues in pre-war Iran but also provides analysis on the role of women, volunteers and civil society groups in achieving democracy.  Read article
07 February 2006
Staying Alive: Safety and Security Guidelines for Humanitarian Volunteers in Conflict Areas 
The book highlights the common features of safety and security that apply or could apply to humanitarian workers working in conflict areas. It explains the dangers volunteers might face and some of the likely threats to their work and gives advice on issues of personal security, use of common sense and judgement in the field. It reflects the ever-changing conflict environment in which humanitarians have to work and deals with new threats such as nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, and encompasses wider issues such as protection of humanitarian volunteers under international law and practical life.  Visit site

31 January 2006
Voluntariado, como tema prioritario en la construcción de un Estado Comunitario 
La Red de Gestores Sociales, estrategia nacional coordinada por la Presidencia de la Republica en Colombia, dedica su boletín numero 25 (diciembre 2005 - enero 2006) al Voluntariado, como tema prioritario en la construcción de un Estado Comunitario. En este boletín, entre otros temas, se habla de la figura del Vigía del Patrimonio, de la Corporación Opción Colombia, de la Corporación Colombiana de Voluntariado, de entidades que apoyan las acciones de Voluntariado en Colombia, así como de noticias y publicaciones relacionadas con el Voluntariado. El tema central del boletín esta dedicado al Voluntariado como proyección social de la solidaridad.  Read article
04 January 2006
Volunteer Service Journal (China) – special English edition 
The Research Center on Volunteering and Welfare at Peking University (RCVW) published a special English edition of their Volunteer Service Journal in October 2005.    Read article
12 December 2005
Keeping It Legal: Guide on legal obligations in New Zealand  
Keeping It Legal E Ai Ki Te Ture has been designed as a starting point for people in voluntary and not-for-profit organizations in New Zealand who want to know about the laws that may affect them, the way their organizations work and what they do. Published by the New Zealand Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations.   Visit site

06 December 2005
Nelson Mandela Foundation launches volunteer guide 
The Nelson Mandela Foundation and 46664 campaign has launched a booklet urging people to volunteer in the fight against HIV/Aids to mark International Volunteer Day.  Read article

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