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02 November 2005
Emerging Areas of Volunteering 
The second volume in ARNOVA’s Occasional Paper Series — Emerging Areas of Volunteering — focuses on episodic volunteering, virtual volunteering, cross-national volunteering, and employee volunteer programmes. This volume also revisits two longstanding forms of volunteer involvement - volunteering to government and volunteering to nonprofit organization boards of directors.
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26 October 2005
60 Experiences on the Path to Development 
"Sixty experiences on path to development" (60 Experiencias Camino al Desarrollo), a book "filled with hope", vividly illustrates the involvement of various sectors and individuals -- including volunteers -- towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals objectives was launched yesterday in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.   Read article
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MSF volunteer, Karin Moorhouse nourishes a wounded child, during Angola’s civil war. In her recently published book “No One Can Stop the Rain,” Karin writes touchingly about the infant, whose mother was run over by a military vehicle.
20 October 2005
No one can stop the rain: Relief efforts made possible by people like you 
This book, written by a volunteer couple, helps people realize that volunteering for a humanitarian organization, like the Médecins Sans Frontières, can be done at many different stages in life. Wei Cheng, a paediatric surgeon, and his wife Karin Moorhouse, a senior marketing executive for Nestlé Canada, left their comfortable lives to do just that.  Read article

14 October 2005
Millennium Development Project Report 2005 
The final report of the UN Millennium Project published 17 January 2005 recommends the way forward, outlining a way to attain the Millennium Development Goals. Includes the overview (in six languages) and the full report.  Visit site

21 March 2005
The Role of Civil Society and Volunteerism in Promoting the Pro-poor & Pro-women Agenda 
This paper highlights volunteers' contribution in achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Albania. It also outlines examples on how individual volunteers and groups make economic contributions and how they are able to advocate pro-women and development policies.  Read article
14 March 2005
Volunteers and the Millennium Development Goals in Uzbekistan 
This booklet from the UN Volunteers programme contains concrete examples of how international and local volunteers are helping communities address issues on poverty, gender equality, education and battling the spread HIV/AIDS in Uzbekistan.  Read article
17 December 2004
Volunteering Impact Assessment Toolkit 
This toolkit from Volunteering England enables organizations to assess the impact of volunteering on all key stakeholders - the volunteers, the organization, the beneficiaries, and the broader community. Organizations will be able to use it to assess a wide range of impacts, from the skills development of volunteers to the economic value of volunteering organizations. Includes a CD-ROM so users can adapt the questionnaires.
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17 December 2004
Manual on Motivation and Qualification of Volunteers for Drug Addiction Prevention 
A new manual on "Motivation and Qualification of Volunteers (MoQuaVo)" published by Germany-based Centre for Empiricial Pedagogical Research (Zentrum für empirische pädagogische Forschung). The publication, aimed at fostering voluntary work to help prevent drug addiction in Europe, is for volunteer managers and contains checklists, questionnaires and other useful information on how to deal with volunteering and drug addiction.  Read article
05 December 2004
Final report of the International Conference on Volunteerism & the MDGs 
This final conference report includes recommendations on volunteerism and the Millennium Development Goals brought forward during the International Conference on Volunteerism & the MDGs, held in December 2004 in Islamabad, Pakistan.   Read article
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10 October 2004
A rationale for the application of ‘Gift-exchange’ paradigm in Melanesian culture 
In Papua New Guinea, “to be called a volunteer can even be considered insulting,” writes Murray Miller, former Country Director for the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Cambodia. His paper is one of the first to delve into formal volunteering in the Melanesian culture.  Read article

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