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06 April 2006
The Voice of Volunteering  
Published by The Centre for Volunteering based in Australia, The Voice of Volunteering is an important online update on volunteering in the country. Delivered free to your inbox every month.   Visit site
06 April 2006
Volunteer Life 
Volunteer Life – the free quarterly e-zine on volunteering from Australia's Centre for Volunteering - celebrates and showcases volunteering as well as helps to raise awareness of volunteering.   Visit site
An interdisciplinary academic journal published by the International Society for Third-Sector Research, Voluntas contains articles that present theoretical and empirical work and introduces new topics and reviews, as well as critical commentary of research and policy.  Visit site
Voluntary Action 
The journal of the Institute for Volunteering Research contains discourses and studies on volunteerism within the context of education and employment, government and public policy, management and professionalization.  Visit site
Service Enquiry 
Service Enquiry is a series published by the Global Service Institute, USA in partnership with Volunteer and Service Enquiry Southern Africa (VOSESA), Johannesburg, South Africa. Each edition seeks to develop new knowledge by analysing the experience of service and volunteerism in different parts of the world.  Visit site
The official ARNOVA newsletter, it provides a channel of communication between research and action. Available to members, the quarterly publication includes articles and resources on various subjects relating to philanthropy, the non-profit sector and volunteerism.  Visit site
Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly 
The official journal of ARNOVA, this quarterly provides cutting-edge research, discussion, and analysis of the field and leads its readers to understanding the impact the non-profit sector has on society.   Visit site
Published quarterly by Energize, e-Volunteerism caters to volunteer leaders/managers “who want to go beyond the mundane in the volunteerism field”. Offers PDF files, printable training materials, electronic "roundtable" discussions and audio and video contributions.   Visit site
Australian Journal on Volunteering 
Published by Volunteering Australia, the Australian Journal on Volunteering is the only Australian academic journal that publishes articles exclusively in the field of volunteering.   Visit site
ARNOVA E-News, a quarterly, electronic newsletter launched in the summer of 2003, disseminates research findings that have application implications in the non-profit sector. The newsletter is geared toward the practitioner.  Visit site

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