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About the project: Enhancing Business-Community Relations
05 April 2004

To better understand the interface between the private sector and volunteerism and to prepare the ground for effective collaboration with the private sector, the United Nations Volunteers programme developed a research project ‘Enhancing Business-Community Relations’, implemented internationally in partnership with the New Academy of Business, the United Nations Development Programme and local partners in the seven countries.

This project has generated a wealth of knowledge. The findings, conclusions and recommendations of this research constitute an important source of inspiration and information to enable stakeholders to take appropriate action. It is clear that there is a rich and promising future for corporate volunteerism and partnerships between the private sector and UN Volunteers.


During the project each of the UNV specialists undertook a range of collaborative inquiry and networking activities. Following initial orientation in the UK in September 2001, the project specialists returned to their countries and began gathering information and resources regarding the state of business-community relations at the national level and documenting good practice examples.

Between April and September 2002 national workshops were conducted in each of the seven countries. In seeking to go beyond traditional research, the specialists also developed their understanding by engaging in partnership-building at the national level and sharing experiences across the seven countries through online discussion and sense making.

Throughout the course of the project we have been developing and sharing our understandings from the work. This dissemination work consisted of a variety of formal and informal written outputs. And we have also been ‘disseminating’ the findings of the project in the partnership development initiatives that have been fostered through the project.

A number of the written outputs are now available for wider dissemination.

The various activities have informed the writing of seven country reports. Each country report offers the reader an overview of current national trends in business-community relations, corporate citizenship initiatives and the role of volunteers in these processes. Additionally each UNV Specialist has researched 10 case studies that highlight specific practices in the area of business-community relations. You can browse the reports by country.

A global report draws together the work from the seven countries to develop a synthesis of international trends in business community relations and the role of volunteers in promoting responsible business practice.