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About the team
12 April 2004

In each of the seven countries the work was guided by a ‘UNV Business-Community Relations Specialist’. These seven individuals were chosen in early to mid 2001. They all came together for an initial orientation workshop run by New Academy of Business in Bristol, UK in September 2001.

After this they returned to their countries and continued their exploration of business-community relations over the course of fourteen months. Each of the UNV Specialists returned to Bonn in November 2002 for a second project workshop.

A team from New Academy of Business, including its Director, David Murphy and researcher, Rupesh Shah, acted as technical supervisors. They supported the UNV Specialists throughout the course of the project. In addition to providing the UNV Specialists with expertise on the subject matter and encouraging their learning, the New Academy of Business team also compiled the global report. At UNV in Bonn, Edmundo Werna was the overall manager for the project. Regine Porcel-Meisters, also at UNV, provided the project with administrative grounding.

New Academy of Business

Technical Supervisor: David Murphy
David recently joined the UN System Staff College (UNSSC) in Turin as Senior Associate with responsibility for the programme cluster ‘Partnerships and the Global Compact’. During his time as a staff member of the New Academy, David held three positions dating back to 1998: Senior Researcher (1998-1999), Programme Director (1999-2002) and Director (2002-2004). His international research and consultancy experience includes projects for:
  · International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  · United Nations Volunteers (UNV)
  · UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)
  · UK Department for International Development (DFID)
  · British Council.
David has a PhD in International Policy from the University of Bristol, which focused on business-NGO partnerships for sustainable development. He also has extensive development NGO management experience in West Africa and Canada. His most recent book is "Something to Believe In: Creating Trust and Hope in Organisations" (Greenleaf 2003). David is a member of the Amnesty International (Italy) Business Group on Human Rights. He is also a visiting lecturer at the University of Bath, Lancaster University and the University of London. In his new role at UNSSC, David continues to collaborate with the New Academy of Business.

Technical Supervisor: Rupesh Shah
Rupesh Shah recently took up a new position with the Open University after three years as Action Researcher with the New Academy. His many contributions include integrating ‘action learning’ into the New Academy's work. He has worked with David Murphy on collaboration with UNV aimed at both exploring and enhancing the relations between communities and business in seven majority world countries. This work has involved supporting the UNV country specialists with experience in action research and sustainability in organisations. He has also been developing a stream of work relating to business education in schools. Rupesh gained a PhD from the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice, School of Management in Bath in 2001; he worked with Shell and Living Earth in the UK and Nigeria, exploring links between personal change and organisational learning and sustainable development. He has conducted work with the Novo Group of Companies in Denmark and Lloyds TSB in the UK and has worked in the NGO sector in India.

N.B. The New Academy of Business is to re-launched as the Association of Sustainability Practitioners on 7 June 2005.

United Nations Volunteers

Project Manager: Edmundo Werna
Edmundo is a native of Brazil and was first in contact with urban problems during his teen years, when he carried out voluntary work in the slum areas of his home town, Belo Horizonte. This experience motivated him to study urban planning. After graduation, Edmundo engaged professionally in urban-related activities in Brazil and Mozambique before completing his Master's and PhD on urban development in British Universities. Since then Edmundo has been working in consultancy and research activities in a wide range of countries and for different organizations (including UN agencies). He has always made an effort to keep a balance between work with government bodies and working in close contact with community organizations and local NGOs. Edmundo joined UNV in March 1998 as Urban Development Specialist. He has recently taken up a new assignment with the International Labour Organization as the Sectoral Specialist in Construction and Forestry.

United Nations Volunteers Specialists

Brazil: Robert Carlos Felicio
Roberto is continuing in his role as a UNV Specialist in Business-Community Relations by working with various companies on the development of employee volunteering programmes. He earned his BA in sociology from Thames University (UK) and performed several social assistance services at the Westminster Society for Mentally Handicapped Children and Adults and the Reliance Human Resources Ltd. In Brazil he is former director of Grupo Taller, and also founded Projeto Oficina and Conexão, which he manages with other members of Estrela Azul’s Board of Directors. Roberto is also Vice President of Partners of America (the São Paulo/Illinois Committee), Chair of Rehabilitation International’s Vocational Commission, Vice President of GLARP – Latin American Rehabilitation Group, and a member of the International Sociological Association.

Ghana: Joseph Yao Boateng
Joseph completed his assignment as the Ghana UNV Specialist in Business-Community Relations in mid-2003. He was based at the Association of Ghana Industries. He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Economics from the University of Ghana in 1992 and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the East London Business School in 1999. Joe spent three years working in the non-banking financial institution and consultancy sectors. He was also a member of a UNDP-sponsored Programme Implementation Team for nearly three years. Before joining the UNV project, Joe was an associate consultant at a management consultancy firm.

India: Aparna Mahajan
Aparna is associated with TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) as Advisor, Corporate Communications. During 2003-04 she was working as a Consultant to UNDP, India. In early 2003, Aparna completed her assignment as the India UNV Specialist in Business-Community Relations based at TERI. Aparna is a Management Professional, holds an MBA and has many years of industry and academic experience, including work with India's Apex Chamber of Commerce. She has been involved with the development sector for over nine years in her previous assignment with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), New Delhi. She liaised with expert committees on Education, Healthcare Services, Management & Human Resource Development, Family & Social Welfare, Technology, and Art & Culture. Prior to FICCI, she did assignments with the Indian Institute of Technology, and Nestle India Ltd. A recipient of the Ministry of HRD National Merit Scholarship, Aparna has several papers and publications to her name in the field of Management and HRD, Education, Healthcare, Social Development and Technology. She is a Member of All India Management Association, Member of Delhi Management Association and a Former Resident Member of YWCA, New Delhi.

Lebanon: Lubna Forzley
After completing her assignment as the Lebanon UNV Specialist in Business-Community Relations based at the Beirut UNDP office, Lubna continued her work in the field and is currently the “Public-Private Partnership Team Leader” of a UNV/UNDP Governance project in Lebanon. Prior to joining the UNV team, Lubna worked at Coca-Cola's Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA) regional office in Lebanon, and prior to that, held several positions in the private sector in Canada. Lubna’s educational background is in the business field. She holds a Masters of Arts degree in Applied Communications from Royal Roads University in Canada, and a Marketing/Human Resources undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa in Canada. On a personal level, she has always been very active in supporting community initiatives and strongly believes in volunteerism for human development.

Nigeria: Leonard Okafor
Leonard is the Nigeria UNV Specialist in Business-Community Relations based at the Lagos UNDP office. Leonard graduated in 1989 with BSc (Hons) in Economics & Statistics from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He has experience spanning banking, business, and international civil service. One of his particular interests is development work, addressing poverty, and finding ways to build capacity in civil society for self-reliance. Other interests include business, research, writing, and sports. Leonard enjoyed the opportunity to work in the Brazil-Argentina Commercial Centre, where he had the task of identifying and integrating similarities between Brazil and Nigeria with a view to adapting its cottage industrial experience to Nigeria's traumatized economy.

Philippines: Charmaine Nuguid-Anden
Charmaine conducted her assignment as the Philippines UNV Specialist in Business-Community Relations based at Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP). Prior to this she had several years of experience in research, investment and industry policy monitoring and public-private sector networking. Charmaine holds a BSc in Economics from the University of the Philippines and has worked in a range of organizations including the Philippines Department of Health, and a website company. Before joining the UNV project, Charmaine was a freelance researcher and writer.

South Africa: Jean Niyonzima
In August 2003, Jean completed a four-month assignment at the UNV Headquarters in Bonn, Germany as part of the New Academy-UNV project: ‘Enhancing Business-Community Relations’. From 2001-03, he was the South Africa UNV Specialist in Business-Community Relations based at the African Institute of Corporate Citizenship. Jean has a degree in Forestry, a Diploma in Education and has an MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice from the University of Bath. Originally from Rwanda, Jean's work experience includes project management, corporate direction and training. He has previously worked with organisations such as CARE International, United States Agency for International Development and the United Nations Development Programme. Jean is a founding member and director of the Community Digital Utility Group Africa, which seeks to provide access to technology, education and training for human development. Over the years, he has managed several community-based projects and understands community needs and the role of business in the transformation of society.