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Ghana case studies
26 April 2004

Host institution

Association of Ghana Industries

Read the country report
First part (PDF 1486 KB)
Second part (PDF 457 KB)

Case studies

Aluminum Case Study (PDF 235 KB)
The objective of this case is to evaluate the authenticity of this assessment that Ghanian perceive aluminum companies as leaders in corporate social responsibility.

Ashfoam Case Study (PDF 156 KB)
The case study talks about how Ashfoam Company has become a victim of its own social responsibility programme.

Cement Case Study (PDF 232 KB)
The aim of this study is to demonstrate the vital role that competition plays in promoting business community relations within Ghana’s cement industry.

Corporate Responsibility Movement Case Study (PDF 206 KB)
Corporate Social Responsibility Movement is the name given to a coalition of youth groups in Tema, Ghana, aimed at encouraging the private sector to complement the efforts of government in addressing social problems by promoting corporate social and environmental responsibilities.

Ecobank Ghana: Getting Involved (PDF 178 KB)
This case examines the rationale of EcoBank’s community initiative and how it is addressing the health needs of community members.

Enforcement Dilemmas: The case of Tema Oil Refinery (PDF 231 KB)
This case study examines the alleged insensitivity of Tema Oil Refinery to the environmental concerns of its neighbouring communities.

Ghana Agro-Food Company Ltd. Case Study (PDF 220 KB)
The rationale of this study is to demonstrate that even though workplace health and safety is management responsibility, employees are also obliged to work safely and efficiently without endangering themselves or others.

Ghana Mining Industry Case Study (PDF 335 KB)
This case study seeks to examine how mining companies’ community relations initiatives reflect the expectations of host communities.

Tungteiya Women’s Group Case Study (PDF 227 KB)
This case examines the nature and scope of The Body Shop’s trading relationship with the Tungteiya Women’s Group and how it is impacting on the lives of members and the development needs of their communities.

Prima Woods Limited: Missing the Point (PDF 209 KB)
This case examines the reasons underlying the discrepancy in Prima Woods Limited's implementation of its community programmes.

From: UN Volunteers & New Academy for Business