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India case studies
05 March 2004

Host institution
The Energy and Resources Institute

Read the country report (PDF 1226 KB)

Case studies

Coca Cola Case Study (PDF 219 KB)
This case study provides one of the most interesting accounts contributing to the India part of the ‘Enhancing Business-Community Relations’ project of the difficulties businesses can face in being accepted as a true "corporate citizen".

Infosys Technologies Ltd Case Study (PDF 247 KB)
This case study is about the social initiatives of India’s leading IT company, Infosys Technologies Ltd. Infosys Ltd., exclusively to oversee developmental activities and look into welfare issues of society at large.

IFFCO Case Study (PDF 213 KB)
This case study examines initiatives implemented by IFFCO’s Phulpur Unit in Uttar Pradesh while the company was conducting business and initiatives that are not directly related to business practice.

Lupin Case Study (PDF 241 KB)
This case study concerns Lupin Limited, one of India’s largest pharmaceutical companies and its foundation established in 1988. 

Tata Steel Case Study (PDF 264 KB)
This case study concerns initiatives undertaken by Tata Steel, as examples of those implemented by the wider organization.

TELCO Case Study (PDF 206 KB)
This case study describes the initiatives undertaken by Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company, or TELCO. These projects come under the guise of education and healthcare.

TERI Case Study (PDF 230 KB)
The case study talks about an initiative that is aimed at increasing environmental responsibility amongst Indian companies.

Seshasayee Paper & Boards Case Study (PDF 238 KB)
This case study examines the ways in which Seshasayee Paper and Boards Ltd. nearly eliminated its industrial waste and uses it in a sustainable manner for other purposes.

SPIC Case Study (PDF 217 KB)
This case study concerns social investments done by the MAC (Medical) Foundation and the A. C. Muthiah Trust under the auspices of the SPIC Group, India.

Wipro Case Study (PDF 215 KB)
Wipro is a leading Indian IT services provider, whose programme, "Applying Thought in Schools" is aimed at ensuring children leave school equipped with skills which are demanded by today’s employers; the emphasis rests clearly on creative thinking and problem-solving.

From: UN Volunteers & New Academy for Business