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Lebanon case studies
05 April 2004

Host institution
UNDP Lebanon

Read the country report (PDF 1378 KB)

Case studies

Tetra Pak East Med Case Study (PDF 481 KB)
The case study shows best practice in social marketing; yielding positive impact for both the company and community beneficiaries.

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI) case study (PDF 283 KB)
This case study demonstrates how a private corporation and a media agency can develop powerful stories, that enable the company to raise external funds and contributions for the community.

The Role of Media in CSR and Sustainable Development (PDF 333 KB)
This case study explores the "Role of Media in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development" by addressing some questions and challenges objectively in a manner that will encourage different sectors to work more cohesively together to contribute to Lebanon’s socio-economic development.

Societe Nationale D’Assurances Case Study (PDF 325 KB)
This case study showcases the "Help Lebanon" project which endorses Lebanese civil action and promoting the country's positive image globally.

Mimosa Case Study (PDF 318 KB)
Mimosa was chosen as a case study due to its efforts in supporting its community and most importantly in their application and support of Law No. 220 which secures basic rights to disabled individuals.

OMSAR Case Study (PDF 367 KB)
This case study shows how the private sector and government agencies work together to strengthen CSR and private-public partneship for the country's development.

Go Green Case Study (PDF 740 KB)
The ‘Go Green’ case will highlight the importance of forming strategic long-term partnerships with various stakeholders.

Banque Saradar Case Study (PDF 495 KB)
This case study was chosen to highlight the importance of implementing strategic projects that have a long term lasting impact on the community and the company itself.

Schtroumpf Case Study (PDF 449 KB)
This case study shows that the size of a company is not a factor in engaging business-community relations and in implementing corporate social responsibility.

FTML Case Study (PDF 476 KB)
This case study presents an overview of FTML’s, a subsidiary of the group France Telecom (FT)/Orange, community activities with a focus on the program ‘Generations’.