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South Africa case studies
05 April 2004

Host institution
African Institute of Corporate Citizenship

Read the country report
First part (PDF 814 KB)
Second part (PDF 551 KB)
Third part (PDF 305 KB)

Case studies

African Oxygen (Pty) Ltd Case Study (PDF 222 KB)
The case study shows one of the best employee involvement programme in South Africa, with a high staff participation rate and a minimal financial input.

Associated Banks of South Africa: Employee Community Involvement Programmes (PDF 191 KB)
The case study explores the practice of "giving as you earn" concept and highlights the difficulties of initiating such a programme, what worked and why.

BHP Billiton: Matched Giving Programme (PDF 205 KB)
This case study looks at the matched giving programme of BHP Billiton in South Africa at Richards Bay.

Board of Examiners: Corporate Citizenship and Employee Involvement (PDF 183 KB)
This case study explores the evolution of the "BoE in the Community" initiative and the effects of mergers on corporate responsibility.

Charities Aid Foundation Southern Africa: Promoting Employee Community Involvement (PDF 163 KB)
This case study looks specifically in the processes and strategies adopted by CAF to promote and help manage employee involvement.

Electronic Data System: Global Volunteer Day (PDF 186 KB)
This case study highlights what the South African Subsidiary of EDS has been doing since the inception of the program in 2000.

Pick ’n Pay HIV/AIDS Programme (PDF 188 KB)
This case looks at the work of Pick ’n Pay and what prompted them to take the lead. It also explores some of the broader implications of HIV/AIDS for the South African business community.

SABMiller: Corporate Citizenship Reporting (PDF 202 KB)
This case study explores the rationale and reporting mechanisms for SABMiller’s corporate accountability reports.

Telecommunications Company: Developing sustainability in a business context (PDF 160 KB)
This case study explores the background of the company's approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), its vision and how this impacts on the business and the community.

The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in Promoting Business-Community Relations (PDF 188 KB)
This case study shares the learning of Blue Pepa Communications and highlight the need to support the efforts of smaller and medium enterprises to become more socially responsible.