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10 March 2011
International volunteers: Cheap help or transformational solidarity toward sustainable development by Peter Devereux
This research investigates the current international development context and the characteristics, contributions and recognition of international volunteers who serve, through independent international volunteer cooperation organisations (IVCOs), for at least one year in development and sustainability work.   Read article
22 February 2008
International Youth Volunteering report  by V
In 2007, ICP conducted a study of innovative youth volunteer programs based on 22 case studies from 17 countries around the world. The study was commissioned by v, a UK-based volunteering charity.  Read article
27 September 2007
Service Enquiry, a research on volunteering in Latin America soon online  
The second volume of Service Enquiry examines the role of public policy in developing the voluntary sector in Latin America and the Carribic. The publication also offers a range of insights on the potential for partnership between the state, civil society agencies, faith-based organisations and the private sector in strengthening democratic practice, combating poverty and reducing wealth disparities through service and volunteering.    Read article
20 June 2007
Involving third country nationals in volunteering  
This 18-month research project (June 2005 – December 2006) was aimed at addressing the lack of knowledge about migrant volunteering, including third country nationals' concepts of, and attitude towards, volunteering and national policies and actions that facilitate these activities. It was led by Volunteering England, and co-ordinated by the European Volunteer Centre (CEV).  Read article
From: European Volunteer Centre (CEV), Belgium
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20 June 2007
Five-country cross-national study on civic service and volunteering in SADC  
VOSESA has conducted a cross-national study on civic service and volunteering in five southern African countries: Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The study focused on the form and extent of civic service programmes in these countries.  Read article
20 February 2006
Volunteering in South Asia and South East Asia by Stefan Agerhem
This document is the final report of a review that explored the implementation of IFRC's volunteering programme, Volunteer 2005, and how volunteers are managed in seven National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in South Asia and South East Asia.  Read article
17 August 2005
A Comparative Look at National Volunteerism Legislation (in Latin America) by Taryn Nelson
This report analyzes the existing models for the public promotion of volunteerism, including legislation, and compares the design of policies and institutions from various countries particularly in Latin America.  Read article
29 March 2001
Volunteering : An Opportunity for Youngsters in Europe 
This 2001 publication of an European network evaluates youth volunteering in different European countries on the basis of national studies done and to propose concrete actions to promote it on both European and national level.  Visit site
25 August 1997
Volunteering : Economic, Social and Political Issues 
Published in August 1997 by the Institute for Research and Information on Volunteering (IRIV), this study provides an overview of volunteering in France, Europe and abroad (mainly North America). It focuses on the economic, social and political implications of voluntary action.  Visit site
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