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Counting for Something: Value Added by Voluntary Agencies
12 December 2005

Wellington, New Zealand: This report on Phase I of the Value Added by Voluntary Agencies (VAVA) project provides an overview of the voluntary inputs of 10 major social services organizations in New Zealand over a one-year period. It includes detailed presentation of the data, analysis and discussion and the themes arising from this study, and an outline of the methodology and templates used in the research.

Led by the New Zealand Federation of Voluntary Welfare Organisations (NZFVWO), the VAVA project was commissioned to examine the inputs of voluntary agencies across New Zealand. Such voluntary based agencies are characterised by their use of voluntary donations of time, money and/or goods. The project is structured in three phases: measuring input, output and outcomes of voluntary sector organizations to New Zealand society and economy. Phase I was completed in September 2004.

To purchase a printed copy of the full report, visit the NZFVWO website.

Download a four-page summary of the Counting for Something report, which provides a useful overview and excellent collection of statistics and key findings.