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Making Connections: Social and Civic Engagement among Canadian Immigrants
25 April 2006

Immigrants give larger donations, on average, than the Canadian-born population but they are slightly less likely to volunteer their time than people born in Canada, according to research by the Canadian Council on Social Development (CCSD). The research report (published April 2006) - “Making Connections: Social and Civic Engagement among Canadian Immigrants” - also shows that the rate of volunteering is increasing, particularly among recent immigrants.

The study found the highest rate of volunteering among immigrants in Atlantic Canada (35%), followed by those in the Prairies (34%) and British Columbia (30%). Just over one-quarter of Ontario immigrants (28%) and 24% of immigrants in Québec volunteered their time in 2003. The participation rate in Québec was approximately the same for both immigrants and non-immigrants.

The CCSD is an independent, non-profit, applied research organization that has been serving Canadians since 1920. The Council pays particular attention to economic security, child and family well-being, disability, and the non-profit and voluntary sector.

This report and related material are available online only and not for purchase. They can be downloaded from the CCSD website: