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National Survey of Volunteering Issues 2006
07 September 2006

This report presents the findings of the Volunteering Australia National Survey of Volunteering Issues 2006.

The aims of this survey are twofold. The first aim is to gather detailed information about how both public policy issues and volunteer management practices are experienced by volunteers and non-profit organizations. The second is to provide an opportunity for volunteers and organisations to raise issues relating to volunteering that may be emerging or new issues.

The report presents data on many issues relating to volunteering, including relationships between paid staff and volunteers, the rate of adoption of best practice volunteer management approaches. It also considers where shortfalls may exist in the provision of information resources which address volunteering

The 2006 survey is the first of what will become an annual national volunteering survey conducted by Volunteering Australia. The survey builds on official statistics and academic research on volunteering to bring the picture of volunteering in Australia into greater focus. While the survey will be reviewed and adjusted over time, it represents an opportunity to benchmark some indicators for comparison over time.