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Artists striving to end poverty 
Artists Striving To End Poverty (ASTEP) uses the arts as a tool to empower young people with creativity, knowledge, and a strong sense of self-esteem, factors which help them advance their lives and communities. ASTEP provides artists with opportunities to connect with global youths, allowing them to use their gifts to create meaningful and effective change for young people in need.  Visit site
Asociacion Artistica para Niños 
ASART (La Asociación Artística para Niños), is a non profit organization interested in the achievement of a culture of peace. The organization works with marginal urban communities, develops projects focused on children and teenagers rights, environmental issues and peace in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  Visit site
Association Germano Togolaise 
In summer 2008 will organize big workcamps and is taking volunteers for long and short periods. You can also call in Togo or in Germany and also in Belgium. (In French).  Visit site
Association of Voluntary Service Organisations (AVSO) 
The Association of Voluntary Service Organisations (AVSO), an international non-governmental organisation, is a European platform of non-profit organisations offering opportunities for long-term full-time internationaland/or national voluntary service. AVSO promotes full-time, long-term voluntary service by advocacy activities, by lobbying governmental institutions at the European and national levels and by networking with other non-governmental and public organisations.
AVSO strives to promote trans-national voluntary service by offering support services to organisations involved directly or indirectly in volunteering,e.g. by policy monitoring, by organising training and partnership-building events and by identifying best practice and sharing expertise.   Visit site
Association of Volunteer Services 
AVS serves as Lebanon's national volunteer centre – working with, and supporting its member agencies. It aims to promote, facilitate and improve volunteering and community service throughout Lebanon; empower individuals who wants to make a difference through volunteering and bridge social barriers by encouraging the different sectors of society to work together.  Visit site
Australasian Association of Volunteer Administrators (AAVA) 
AAVA is a professional association for individuals across all sections of the community who are involved with managing volunteer programs within the Australasian region, including Australia and New Zealand.  AAVA is concerned with 'building the sector' through the support, encouragement and recognition of people involved in leading volunteer programs.  Visit site
Australian Volunteers International 
Australian Volunteers International (AVI) is Australia's largest and most experienced international volunteer sending agency. In the last 50 years AVI has placed more than 6,000 Australian volunteers in 70 countries in Asia, the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.   Visit site
Beijing International Volunteers Association 
Beijing International Volunteers Association (BIVA) is a not-for-profit organization established in China with the support of China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges (CICETE) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). BIVA is committed to human resource-based work with individuals and organizations involved in social improvement and development, with a special emphasis on volunteerism.  Visit site
Ben Gula Project 
The Ben Gula project is a private initiative that is working to socially, politically and economically re-empower the Tonga people, Zimbabwe’s most marginalized community. The organization does not only offer momentary support, but also develops future micro-enterprises that will create livelihoods for all Tongan families.  Visit site
Best Volunteer Community Service 
Volunteer International programme of the Institute of IFRE specializes in ongoing, year-round volunteer abroad projects available for 2 weeks to 12 weeks in 18 countries throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America.  Visit site

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