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A project of the University of Texas at Austin (USA), provides information on all aspects of volunteerism, including helpful tips and resources for volunteers. Volunteer managers and service leaders can find information on best practices and volunteer management. Other features include a new document library providing full-text documents and reports related to volunteerism, and a virtual volunteering area with information on volunteering online.  Visit site
Sinakekele Children 
Sinakekele Children is committed to upholding and promoting children’s rights, and providing care for abandoned babies affected by/infected with HIV/AIDS.  Visit site
SJ Vietnam 
SolidaritĂ©s Jeunesses Vietnam (SJ Vietnam) is a non-profit international youth volunteering organization based in Hanoi (Vietnam) and Paris (France). It is the first international workcamp organization in Vietnam, set up for, and by young volunteers. In December 2007, 3207 young Vietnamese volunteers were official members of SJ Vietnam.  Visit site
SKIP Peru 
Thousands of Peruvian children are too poor to study. SKIP takes a holistic approach to this problem by working hand-in-hand with disadvantaged families to ensure their children realise their right to an education.

In English, French and Spanish.

  Visit site
SOS Malta 
SOS Malta is a NGO, aiding people experiencing times of crisis and empowering them by providing support services and opportunities to implement development and change in their country to ensure a better quality of life.  Visit site
Sosva Training and Promotion Institute 
The vision of STAPI is to strengthen the voluntary sector by promoting new and existing voluntary organizations and by improving and expanding their activities for the development and management of the voluntary sector through the inculcation of professionalism through research, training and consultancy.   Visit site
Sport Volunteers 
Sport Volunteer's goal is to promote, organize and inform volunteers about national and international sport events. Members put their own experiences at the disposal of others and are updated on requests for local and international events.  Visit site
Student's Partnership Worldwide 
SPW is an international non-governmental organization that recruits and trains young adults (aged 18-28) as volunteer Peer Educators, to lead programs that address urgent health and environmental issues in Africa and Asia.  Visit site
Sumatran Orangutan Society 
International branches need enthusiastic, dedicated people to help spread awareness and raise funds. It is not able to offer any hands-on opportunities with orangutans.  Visit site
Supporting Kids in Peru (SKIP) 
SKIP is a UK non-profit organization helping disadvantaged children to realise their right to an education. It is currently working on the north coast of Peru, in the impoverished districts that surround the city of Trujillo. Its primary work area, El Porvenir, has a great deal of social problems that need urgent support. The team is comprised of volunteers from overseas, as well as from the community of El Porvenir and local universities in Trujillo. SKIP is always looking for enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers who can contribute something positive to the project and help achieve more.   Visit site

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