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Travellers Worldwide 
Travellers Worldwide assists volunteers in all planning aspects of their chosen international experience which includes options such as care and community projects, teaching, sports coaching, work experience, conservation, language and cultural courses, drama, dance, music and much mor in various destinations. Travellers Worldwide is a leading international provider of project placements overseas.  Visit site
Tropical Adventures 
Tropical Adventures provides volunteer tour packages for individuals, families and groups interested in exploring the culture, language and natural beauty of Costa Rica.  Visit site
Uganda Rural Community Suppport Foundation 
The Uganda Rural Community Support Foundation (URCSF) is a Christian organization that aims to eradicate poverty, to strengthen communities and to provide basic health care in Uganda. The organization’s main goals include not only the improvement of living conditions, but also the spreading of hope and inspiration of lives in Uganda.  Visit site
Ujamaa Hostel (Tanzania) 
Ujamaa is a volunteer hostel located in Arusha, Tanzania.  It provides budget accommodation where you can meet like-minded people and spend time volunteering as well. It also offers volunteering opportunities with local organizations in desperate need of help.  Visit site
Umpalazi (South Africa) 
A community and wildlife project that incorporates local community upliftment, including skills training, environmental education and aid work; with the rehabilitation of injured and/or orphaned wildlife for future release and monitoring. Umpalazi also provides sanctuary for other displaced animals.  Visit site
Under My Olive Tree 
Under My Olive Tree is a blog about volunteering in Jordan and the Middle East with the overall goal to support activism. It links to organizations that are looking for donations or volunteers.  Visit site
Unite for Sight 
Unite For Sight is a non-profit organization that empowers communities worldwide to improve eye health and eliminate preventable blindness. Local and visiting volunteers work with partner eye clinics to provide eye care in communities without previous access, with the goal of creating eye disease-free communities.  Visit site
United Nations Volunteers 
The United Nations Volunteers programme is the volunteer arm of the United Nations that supports sustainable human development globally through promotion of volunteerism. It mobilizes qualified UN Volunteers and encourages people to become active in volunteering in their countries. Since 1971, some 30,000 UN Volunteers have worked in about 140 countries. Volunteers must be at least 25 years old and have some professional work experience.  Visit site
United Planet 
United Planet (UP) is a leading international, educational, humanitarian, and peace-building, non-profit organization with members and volunteers in over 150 countries devoted to fostering cross-cultural understanding and friendship, supporting communities in need, and promoting social & economic prosperity among cultures in order to unite the world in a community beyond borders. As featured on CNN, United Planet has a diverse range of initiatives, including 1-52 week cultural and volunteer programs, called United Planet Quests, in 50 countries.  Visit site
United Way 
United Way of America is the national organization dedicated to leading the United Way movement. Local United Ways create long-lasting community change by addressing the underlying causes of the most significant local issues. Common focus areas include helping children and youth achieve their potential, promoting financial stability and independence, and improving people's health. Its goal is to create long-lasting changes by addressing the underlying causes of problems.  Visit site

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