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Universal Free School for Children (VA, USA) 
UFSFC is a non profit organization to promote education as a fundamental human right through construction and establishment of free primary and secondary schools for children.  Visit site
UniversalGiving is a non-profit, social entrepreneurship that connects individuals with a wide range of organizations and their volunteer opportunities from around the world. It aims to make giving and volunteering a natural part of everyday life.   Visit site
Universidad de Costa Rica Programa de Voluntario 
The Volunteer Program of the University of Costa Rica is developing a project that intends to create a bridge with international volunteer organizations.  Visit site
UNV’s Online Volunteering service 
UNV’s Online Volunteering (OV) service connects development organizations and volunteers over the Internet and supports their effective online collaboration.
It gives development organizations access to a broader pool of knowledge and resources to enhance their capacities, while it offers individuals worldwide additional opportunities to volunteer for development and contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.  Visit site
USA Freedom Corps 
Created by US President George W. Bush in 2002, USA Freedom Corps provides a search-friendly database that includes volunteer opportunities from organizations across USA. Also includes international and online volunteering opportunities.  Visit site
VAOPS (Volunteer Abroad Opportunities) 
A web portal with a listing of free and low cost volunteer opportunities in Africa, Asia, North America, Central America and South America.  Visit site
Organization in Viet Nam whose goal is to set up international voluntary projects to develop community and conservation of natural environment, to exchange,  explore cultures, to broaden experiences and to improve skills between Vietnamese volunteers and international volunteers.  Visit site
Victoria's Volunteering Portal 
Victoria's Volunteering Portal is an online community and information resource for volunteers and volunteering organisations in the state of Victoria, Australia.  Visit site
Vidaråsen Lansdsby 
Vidaråsen Landsby is a village community for mentally handicapped people. The aim is to create a new form of community life, together with people who have special needs. Volunteers live together in family houses and each day go to work in workshops, houses or on the farm. In all there are about 150 people and 67 of these need special care.  Visit site
Video Volunteers  
Video Volunteers is a nonprofit organization using video to help alleviate poverty and accelerate social change in the developing world. It matches volunteer filmmakers with local organizations.   Visit site

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