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Bolivia Bella 
Boliviabella is a website dedicated exclusively to living, working, traveling and volunteering in Bolivia and is designed and written completely in English.  Visit site
Botshabelo is based in Midrand, South Africa and provides support for its community by offering home based care in cooperation with the local clinic to provide quality health care, as well as helping babies at the organization's babies home or supporting children through the community based child care programme.  Visit site
Building Bridges Coalition 
The Building Bridges Coalition is a consortium of leading international volunteering organizations, colleges and universities, corporations and government agencies working collaboratively to double the number of volunteers serving abroad by 2010, while improving programme quality and maximizing positive impacts in the communities where volunteers serve.  Visit site
CADIF (Kenya) 
A community based organization with the mission to facilitate sustainable Socio-Economic development in pro-poor slum areas of the Great Horns of Africa, Lake Victoria Basin and its catchment area.  Visit site
Cambodia Orphan Fund 
Set up in Siem Reap, Cambodia to facilitate placements for volunteers in Cambodia. This not-for-profit organization assists existing volunteer projects recruit the right people for the many positions available to assist Cambodians in building a better community. Asks for 'donations' rather than fees.  Visit site
Camphill Communities (Ireland) 
Camphill is a caring community that is a way of life where people with many different abilities live and work and celebrate together.  Visit site
Campus Earth  
Campus Earth provides students with affordable opportunities to study, teach, volunteer, and intern in Shanghai, China's center of culture and commerce.  Visit site
Center for Cultural Interchange  
Founded in 1985, the Center for Cultural Interchange (CCI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of cultural understanding, academic development and world peace. Based in Chicago, Illinois, CCI organizes cultural exchange programs for participants of all ages, including high school abroad, independent homestay, internship, language study, eco tours and volunteer programs in over twenty countries around the world.  Visit site
ChangeTheWorld: Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge 
This annual program run by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration challenges youth across the province of Ontario to make a difference in their communities through volunteerism.    Visit site
Child Family Health International 
Child Family Health International (CFHI) builds and strengthens sustainable healthcare services for underserved communities worldwide. CFHI conducts international health, service-learning programs for medical, pre-medical and other health students. Each year, by sending students to work and study with our international partners, we provide health services for families and children around the world.   Visit site

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