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Waltz Volunteers (Kenya) 
An organization that uses communication and entertainment strategies to turn youths into more capable, active young members of society, to fully be aware of their potential and use it for the purpose of future generations.  Visit site
Web Design Volunteers 
Encourages web designers to volunteer their web design services to non-profits.  Visit site
WEB Nepal 
WEB Nepal promotes awareness of Nepal's social, educational and environmental issues. Its mission is to provide volunteers with a unique opportunity to help in the development of an indigenous community by teaching relevant skills and raising environmental and conservational awareness.  Visit site
Wildlife Direct 
WildlifeDirect is set up to transfer donated funds from all around the world, quickly and efficiently, to where they are intended in their entirety - net only of bank fees. To do this it is separately registered as charities in the US, UK and in Kenya, and its commitment to conservationists and donors is total transparency. Online volunteer bloggers are required to help out.  Visit site
Willing Workers in South Africa (WWISA) 
WWISA is a community-focused organisation that aims to harness the energies of the international volunteer movement to support the development of independent and sustainable projects that respond to the identified needs of under-privileged communities, assisting them in the enhancement of existing skills and the acquisition of new expertise to sustain and further such projects, thereby promoting the development of fully fledged, well-informed, productive citizens in democratic South Africa.  Visit site
Winant and Clayton Volunteers, Inc. 
The WCV is a non-profit organization registered in the state of NY. Winant Volunteers are American citizens of all ages (over 18), who since 1948 have traveled to the UK as a group, exporting their enthusiasm and energy to English grass roots community service programs.  Visit site is a site set up to promote fair work exchange between budget travellers, language learners or culture seekers and families, individuals or organizations who are looking for help with a range of varied and interesting activities.  Visit site
Working For Children 
Working For Children (WFC) is a local non-governmental organization assisting vulnerable children, orphans, their families, and the rural schools in the Siem Reap Province in Cambodia. WFC looks for volunteers to help in a number of areas: teaching English, coaching sports teams, decoration, labor & building work.  Visit site
Working for 
EUROPARC Federation, the umbrella organization of Europe's protected areas, places young professional interns to work in a variety national and nature parks, biosphere reserves and other protected areas.  Visit site
World Corps Kenya 
World Corps Kenya is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization,  concerned about poverty, particularly the lack of access to energy, information and economic opportunities in rural areas of developing countries.  Visit site

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