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World Endeavors 
World Endeavors is a provider of unique international volunteer, internship, and study programs. Our mission is to become a catalyst for positive change in our community and the world through quality international programs.  Visit site
WorldTeach is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that provides opportunities for individuals to make a meaningful contribution to international education by living and working as volunteer teachers in developing countries. Currently we have yearlong or summer programs in China, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Guyana, Namibia, South Africa, Marshall Islands, Pohnpei, Poland and Venezuela.  Visit site
Worldwide Helpers 
Worldwide Helpers puts people from all walks of life three clicks away from finding an inspiring cause to donate their time - at no or minimal costs. It aims to eliminate the middleman and create a transparent platform to bring together individuals seeking to volunteer with communities in need.  Visit site
Year Out Group 
The Year Out Group is a non-profit association of leading year out organizations in UK. It works to promote the concept and benefits of well-structured year out programmes, to promote models of good practice and to help young people and their advisers in selecting suitable and worthwhile projects.    Visit site
Yoith Service Initiative (Netherlands) 
YSI is an organization founded by young people, for young people. The overall aim is to create a youth culture of service’ by encouraging young people to take initiative in their community. At the same time YSI is a one year volunteer program for the international youths who want to train in becoming exemplary in the field of service.  Visit site
Young Volunteers, Cyprus 
The Young Volunteers is a group of children between the ages of 4 and 16 years of age in Cyprus. Its main objective is to encourage volunteerism with the involvement of the whole family and through this, to offer community service.  Visit site
Youngretired.ca is a web magazine about opportunities for active retired Canadians, with over 100 short videos about volunteering, physical exercise, lifelong learning, travel clubs and caring for ageing parents. It is designed to help Canadians on either side of the threshold of retirement think through what they can do with their newly found freedom.  Visit site
Youth Association for Culture and Development (YACD) 
YACD is a youth association in Morocco that provides young people with knowledge and skills, while promoting peace, tolerance and solidarity. Its international learning programmes address social and educational needs. The overall goal is to improve intercultural cooperation among young people.  Visit site
Youth Realities Network 
Youth Realities Network (YOUR-NET) is a non profit organization that works with communities and organizations in Ghana in the fields of community development, education and learning.  Visit site
Youth Rescue Outreach (TYRO) 
The Youth Rescue Outreach (TYRO), was formed to help youth to turn their challenges in opportunities, and to show them that by living wisely they can succeed in life.  The word TYRO also means young learner. Over the past year it has been organizing and conducting youth outreaches in Uganda.  Visit site

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