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CRACYP Ecuador 
CRACYP (which stands for Rural Forestation and Progress Network Corporation, in Spanish) is a non profit organization facilitating reforestation and sustainable rural development in an agricultural area of extreme poverty including over 200 communities in the foothills of the Western Andes in Ecuador.   Visit site
An Italian registered  non-profit organization providing free support to health professionals, families, volunteers and institutions in developing countries caring for children with leukemia, cancer and other severe diseases in compliance with shared principles and vision. The services offered will be pertinent to local realities and social values. It is working on a project to support a Thalassemia bone marrow transplant network and family support program (volunteer based program) in Pakistan .  Visit site
D Foundation (India) 
D-Foundation is a grassroots community development NGO in Sarnath, Varanasi, India. It works to help the poor and destitute become self-sufficient through developing human resources – training, education, jobs, livelihoods and direct support.   Visit site
Developing World Connections  
DWC is a non-profit organization with charitable status in Canada offering ordinary people meaningful volunteer opportunities in the developing world. We know from experience that these introductions always lead to a global perspective, and a deep understanding that leaves a profound effect on both the volunteer and the communities that are empowered by our participation. Currently offering projects in Sri Lanka, Guatemala and Thailand.   Visit site
Do Something 
Do Something inspires, supports, and celebrates young people changing the world. The programme consists of monthly challenges in community building, health, and environment; Do Something BRICK Awards and Do Something Grants; and The Magazine, the only public service magazine distributed nationally in the USA.   Visit site
Docsek Orphanage 
Located in Mazabuka, in the Southern Province of Zambia, Docsek Home provides care and fosters orphaned and needy children to provide for their physical and mental needs, and help improve their living standards throughout the rural and urban communities. Volunteers are needed to help and accompany in programs, tours and trips with the children, as well as with laundry, cleaning, and cooking.  Visit site
Volunteering ideas and contacts site oriented towards teenagers in the US.  Visit site
The aim of the site is to allow people to anonymously type and openly discuss their life's dreams and ambitions. After they type in their dream, it gets sent to a volunteer who will support and encourage them to go accomplish that dream. This will not only give the user motivation and confidence through the support they are receiving, but it will also allow them to find exactly what they want to do with their life through the writing process.  Visit site
Ecuador Volunteer 
A non-profit organization legally recognized by the Government of Ecuador. It claims to be the only organization authorized to select and supply volunteers to third party organizations providing their services in social, community, educational, healthcare and ecological projects/programs throughout Ecuador.  Visit site
Edge of Africa 
The organization's specialized teams help you find an ethical placement which not only benefits you but also makes a long term difference to the projects and people of Africa.  Visit site

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