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ELI-Experiential Learning International 
ELI, a registered non-profit organization, partners with organizations from around the world that make a difference in their communities. We work closely with these groups to ensure ELI volunteers get meaningful experiences at reasonable prices.   Visit site
Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) 
The Environment and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) is a Cameroonian non-profit organization focusing on the conservation of wildlife and the protection of fragile environments.   Visit site
Educational Support Tibet (ES-Tibet) is a non-profit organisation, that offers Tibetan refugees in India opportunities for a professional education. The Tibetan Exile Government offers a five year education for refugees in Tibetan Transit Schools (TTS). ES-Tibet carefully selects TTS-students to educate them further for two years in English, Computer Skills and Chinese. Furthermore, the organiyation promotes the independency of Tibetans with professional and personal training and thus makes an important contribution to the preservation and development of the traditional Tibetan culture.  Visit site
European Volunteer Centre (CEV) 
The European Volunteer Centre (CEV) is a European umbrella association of 40 National and Regional Volunteer Centres across Europe, that together work to support and promote voluntary activity.   Visit site
Expand Peru 
Expand Peru is a non profit organization based in Huancayo, Peru and dedicated to helping Peruvians in extreme poverty live a better life through programmes that focus on education, health and other issues. The organization works in a very special way with children and teenagers in social risk and in a state of abandonment living in urban and rural areas of the country.  Visit site
Experience Himalayan Nepal  
Experience Himalayan Nepal was set up to find financial support for organizations across Nepal. The organization works closely with its partner organizations and so provides a bridge between local groups and volunteers.   Visit site
Faca Parte - Brazil Volunteer Institute 
A civil society organization founded in 2001, whose mission is to consolidate a volunteering culture by encouraging youth participation in the construction of a socially fairer nation. (In Portuguese)  Visit site
FACE India 
FACE aims at increasing social, cultural, educational, and environmental actions in the rural and urban areas through the national and international exchange of youth. It is established in India with the support of several national and international volunteer, social, cultural and educational organizations involved in the field of national and international volunteer services.  Visit site
Family Rescue Foundation 
A Christian organization in Masaka District and surrounding areas of Uganda. The orphanage currently accommodates 35 Children affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS and seeks volunteer teachers.  Visit site
Fercher von Steinwand e.V. Foundation  
Fercher von Steinwand e.V. Foundation organizes international summer workcamps in the South of Germany. Help us with farming, gardening, video, construction work. Every month we have about 8-14 guests from all over the world, who come together to gain experience in social relationships, get to know people and other cultures as also to test their own boundaries. We are a recognised agent for the “Freie Jugendhilfe”, independent aid for youth, and take in youngsters who need some “time out” of their school or parental situation.  Visit site

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