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Foundation for Global Collaboration and Peace 
The Foundation for Global Collaboration and Peace is a non-profit that advocates peace and human rights through the dissemination of scientific information about characteristics all human beings share in common. Volunteers help broadcasting this information to the widest possible audience in the campaign for peaceful conflict resolution and underlying equality.  Visit site
Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children 
FIMRC hosts short and long term volunteers to clinic sites in Haiti, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Uganda, Peru and El Salvador. Volunteers spend half their time in the clinic helping with medical tasks and the other half out in the community interacting with families and teaching health lessons to children.   Visit site
Foundation for Sustainable Development  
FSD supports the efforts of grassroots development organizations in the developing world that are working to better their communities, environments, and the economic opportunities around them. We believe community development is only sustainable if it empowers the people to effectively use and cultivate their own resources in a conscious manner. Through our programs, we aim to raise international awareness of the economic challenges in developing countries and to support cross-cultural communities in finding more effective solutions to development issues.   Visit site
Free World Foundation (Ghana) 
A national organization made up of civil society organizations and individuals. It is headquartered at Teshie, a suburb of Accra in the Greater Accra Region of the Republic of Ghana and has offices in all the ten regional capitals.  Visit site
Freiwillige in Parks (Germany) 
The volunteer programme in the Nationale Naturlandschaften invites volunteers to support the German national parks, nature parks and biosphere reserves. International volunteers contribute to the park's activities through their special competences and experiences – e.g. language skills, expertise and own traditions – and are a big benefit. (Website in English, German and other languages)  Visit site
Fresh Nepal 
Fresh Nepal helps orphans, street children and women, creating a suitable environment in which they can learn, accomplish and fulfill their needs.  Visit site
Gawad Kalinga 
Gawad Kalinga, which literally means “give care”, is a non-profit organization that builds houses for poor communities and helps rehabilitate the lives of people in need. The organization is dedicated to eradicating poverty and rehabilitating the lives of people from slum areas in the Philippines and other developing countries.  Visit site
Geekcorps places international technical volunteers in developing nations to contribute to ICT projects. Average volunteer assignment is three to four months. Volunteers and their employers are encouraged to contribute if possible but Geekcorps takes care of all volunteer expenses: air travel, inoculations, lodging and a modest per diem.  Visit site
Get Involved 
Get Involved is a public service campaign launched in December 2005 by the Corporation for National and Community Service in the USA. The campaign aims to increase the number of older Americans engaged in community service and volunteering, tapping into the potentially enormous resource that this generation encompasses.    Visit site
Give Me a Chance Africa 
Christian school in Uganda, volunteering opportunities for education and training of orphans etc.  Visit site

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