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Giving and Volunteering 
Developed by Imagine Canada in partnership with Volunteer Canada, this website is designed to make available the statistics and resources developed from the 1997 and 2000 National Survey of Giving, Volunteering and Participating (NSGVP).   Visit site
Global Citizens Network  
Global Citizens Network sends short-term teams of volunteers to communities in other cultures where participants immerse themselves in the culture and daily life of the community.  Visit site
Global Eco-Spiritual Tours  
Global Eco-Spiritual Tours is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that contributes to educational and health care needs of children in developing countries in our tour area through our member donations.  Visit site
Global Vision international (GVI) 
GVI is a non-political, non- religious organization which combines travel experience with excetptional training and the ability to make a difference. The organization is active in the fields of environmental research, conservation, education and community development all around the world.  Visit site
Global Volunteers  
In 1984, Global Volunteers laid the foundation for what became known a decade later as "volunteer vacations" short-term service opportunities on community development programs in host communities abroad. Today, as a non-governmental organization (NGO) in special consultative status with the United Nations, Global Volunteers mobilizes some 150 service-learning teams year-around to work in 20 countries on six continents, and is the internationally recognized leader in this field of work.  Visit site
Globe Aware  
Globe Aware seeks to promote lifelong advocates for a better world and to sustain the world's cultural and natural resources. The organization, together with the local community hosts, develops effective local solutions to global problems in non-religious, non-political, multi-international environments. The aim is to expand and foster cross-cultural peace and understanding between Americans and the rest of the world, to preserve culture and promote sustainability. Globe Aware expeditions provide volunteers the opportunity to live and work side by side with a host community.   Visit site
GoEco is an international volunteer organization which aims to recruit volunteers for worthwhile volunteer opportunities worldwide.  GoEco started in Israel and now operates in over 30 different countries, covering fields such as wildlife protection and ecological conservation, as well as education and community development.  Visit site
Goodness and Mercy Missions 
Goodness and Mercy Missions (GMM) is a non-profit non-governmental organization located in Boyo, Cameroon. Its mission is to empower men, women, youths and the disadvantaged with the tools necessary to help them improve the quality of their lives. It welcomes the services of volunteers from any country who can help in the development of rural communities.   Visit site
A volunteer-organization matching programme non-profit organizations are matched with web design volunteers. Grassroots.org also provides free web hosting, domain names, etc.   Visit site
Greenforce a UK based international non profit organisation, working at the request of the host country and partners. Humanitarian aid, conservation, sports aid and marine conservation round the world for college credit. No experience required as full training provided. Work for and alongside the local partner in groups or individual placements.  Visit site

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