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Art Corps  
ArtCorps pairs volunteer artists for 9-12 months with Central American organizations to communicate their messages through art. Artists use every imaginable art form including theater, mime, puppetry, mural painting, sculpture and poetry to bring the organizations' environmental and social messages to life and engage the local community in its activities.   Visit site
Asociacion Artistica para Niños 
ASART (La Asociación Artística para Niños), is a non profit organization interested in the achievement of a culture of peace. The organization works with marginal urban communities, develops projects focused on children and teenagers rights, environmental issues and peace in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  Visit site
Asociación Trabajo Voluntario 
Social entrepreneur Jaime Ulloa is building Peru's first extensive system for volunteering. His organization, Asociación Trabajo Voluntario (Volunteer Work Association), encourages individuals, citizen organizations and business corporations to donate time and resources that will raise the quality of life and bridge social gaps that are hobbling this country.  Visit site
Australian Volunteers International 
Australian Volunteers International (AVI) is Australia's largest and most experienced international volunteer sending agency. In the last 50 years AVI has placed more than 6,000 Australian volunteers in 70 countries in Asia, the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.   Visit site
Balkan Heritage Field School 
Balkan Heritage (BH) Field School functions as a legal part of the Balkan Heritage Foundation, Bulgaria, and implements projects in the areas of study, protection, restoration and promotion of sites, artifacts and practices presenting the cultural heritage of Southeastern Europe, with the participation of students, scholars and volunteers from all over the world.  Visit site
Ben Gula Project 
The Ben Gula project is a private initiative that is working to socially, politically and economically re-empower the Tonga people, Zimbabwe’s most marginalized community. The organization does not only offer momentary support, but also develops future micro-enterprises that will create livelihoods for all Tongan families.  Visit site
Best Volunteer Community Service 
Volunteer International programme of the Institute of IFRE specializes in ongoing, year-round volunteer abroad projects available for 2 weeks to 12 weeks in 18 countries throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America.  Visit site
Botshabelo is based in Midrand, South Africa and provides support for its community by offering home based care in cooperation with the local clinic to provide quality health care, as well as helping babies at the organization's babies home or supporting children through the community based child care programme.  Visit site
CADIF (Kenya) 
A community based organization with the mission to facilitate sustainable Socio-Economic development in pro-poor slum areas of the Great Horns of Africa, Lake Victoria Basin and its catchment area.  Visit site
Campus Earth  
Campus Earth provides students with affordable opportunities to study, teach, volunteer, and intern in Shanghai, China's center of culture and commerce.  Visit site

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