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Right to Play 
Right To Play is an athlete-driven international humanitarian organization that uses sport and play as a tool for the development of children and youth in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Right To Play is committed to improving the lives of these children and to strengthening their communities by translating the best practices of sport and play into opportunities to promote development, health and peace. Right To Play engages and trains Local and International Volunteers who work with communities to implement our programs. Seventy seven International Volunteers were sent to the field in 2005, and together with Local Coaches, reached approximately 500,000 children and youth on a weekly basis  Visit site
Servei Català del Voluntariat  
El Servei Català del Voluntariat és un espai d'intercanvi d'experiències entre les entitats que realitzen projectes de voluntariat, els ciutadans que desitgen informar-se o participar en les seves activitats, i les institucions públiques com a promotores de l'acció voluntària. El nostre objectiu és ser un punt de referència pel món del voluntariat que afavoreixi la participació ciutadana.   Visit site
Largest database of volunteer opportunities in the USA. Over 6,000 registered non-profit organizations, 40,000+ service projects and 52,000,000 volunteer opportunities are available.   Visit site
SKIP Peru 
Thousands of Peruvian children are too poor to study. SKIP takes a holistic approach to this problem by working hand-in-hand with disadvantaged families to ensure their children realise their right to an education.

In English, French and Spanish.

  Visit site
Solidarités Jeunesses Vietnam (SJ Vietnam) 
The organization Solidarités Jeunesses Vietnam (SJ Vietnam) is a non-profit international youth volunteering organization in Hanoi, Vietnam. Set up for and by young volunteers, this small organization works to break cultural misunderstandings, improve the environment, provide non-formal education, reduce poverty and establish human rights, encouraging young people to participate actively in the society in which they live.  Visit site
SOS Malta 
SOS Malta is a NGO, aiding people experiencing times of crisis and empowering them by providing support services and opportunities to implement development and change in their country to ensure a better quality of life.  Visit site
Tahara Nepal 
Tahara Nepal is a non-governmental, non-profit developmental organization committed to making children's life positive by ensuring that their rights and dignity are recognized and respected.  Visit site
Taj Global Understanding 
Taj Global Understanding, a non-profit foundation based in the United States, offers volunteer service programmes of 2 to 3 weeks’ duration in India. These are humanitarian projects for all ages and in the areas of education, health, environment, and arts/culture.    Visit site
Tanzania Youth in Action 
Tanzania Youth in Action is a volunteer-powered organization working to uplift the standard of living among the youth of Tanzania. It is committed to ensuring that community members, especially youth and children, lead decent lives and are not deprived of their rights to livelihoods.  Youth in Action advocates for the legal rights of youth and supports girls' and children's rights.  Visit site
Working  through local churches and Christian agencies in Britain and Ireland, Tearfund offers volunteer opportunities in more than 70 countries. Spend from two weeks to four months in projects such as AIDS education in schools, holiday clubs, or care of disabled children and adults. Volunteers are expected to fundraise costs for participating in the programme.  Visit site

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The people you'll meet on these pages are not famous, yet they have touched millions of people's lives through their committment, compassion and courage. They've been baptized as  "trailblazers", "shakers and movers", "disaster responders", among others.  Whatever names they've been called, they have one thing in common -- they've made a difference.